Friday, August 5, 2016

A Wild Webcomic Review?

Wait, I took time off how can there be another


Funny, backing off the weekly updates has given me a chance to, you know, read comics for this site again.  Go figure!  Seriously, I randomly spotted an ad on another comic, and it started me off on another round of comics, and so, review time.

276.  PopChromatic - I shouldn't like this comic.  It has elements that alone and often together just don't attract me.  Pop music, teen girls, rebels without a clue, a character named Justice (again, really?) and a competition show (still proud to never have watched a single episode of American Idol).  And yet, this comic is actually pretty good.  I think it's because it is NOT about winning that pop music competition, but about what a family member is willing to do for another (in this case, it's become a pop music star, despite not really wanting it, like at all).  I've got some issues with the characters acting a bit older than they should (They're 16?  Are you sure?), but it's not overpowering and I enjoy the cynical, and realistic take on pop music and that competition show idea.  I'm worried that it's a weekly updater, so that might effect the flow of the story, but we'll see how it goes.

277.  Pants Are Overrated - I mentioned this strip back in my review of Calvin and Hobbes, so I figured I might as well read the rest of the comic.  Of course it's been dead for like 5 years (completed, technically) so I wasn't in that much of a rush.  That said, it's a silly comic.  Nothing super amazing, just a silly, brief comic that takes it's cue from other comics, like Penny Arcade, but doesn't go completely over to the dark side.  It is very wordy at times, too wordy, but I think that was the joke, honestly.  Fun, quick read, but nothing that makes it "I MUST READ THIS FOREVER."  Mostly because you can't.

278.  No Pink Ponies - I think I've had this in my Future Reads folder for a long time, and it's been around a long time, kind of, get to that.  It's okay as a slice of life style comic.  It has some of that wish fulfillment stuff going on (comic nerd girl is hot and has the money to open her own store, really?), but it doesn't strictly hurt it.  The fact that said nerd girl attracts lesbians like moths to a flame is a bit weird, but we'll leave it as quirky.  The downside?  LONG gaps in updates.  The last new comic was posted on New Years Eve 2015 (8 months ago by the time this goes up) and the last news update was in April 2016.  There are also massive gaps while reading the comic (the annual comic convention in the comic seems to come very frequently because the gaps so it's kind of obvious).  I don't have a problem reading the comic, but I think it'll have to go into Hiatus until it actually updates.

279.  Cosmic Dash - I really enjoyed this comic.  It's a space adventure comic, and a fun one too.  It's definitely a positive comic, where the good guys are actually good and the bad guys aren't horrible terrible monsters, at least so far.  Even when things are looking bleakest, they really aren't.  Not sure if that's the artstyle talking, or if it's just the general attitude of the comic that keeps it from going into the morose where it could easily do so.  It's a good comic and I think I'll be reading it for a while.

280.  Dark White - Wow, what a contrast to Cosmic Dash.  Not only is this a high fantasy comic, but it is DARK as hell.  Not only does it open with some poor creature being tortured, but it eventually brings up child sacrifice, zombies and the apocalypse.  Yeah, it's dark, so dark I might have to do an article comparing these two comics against each other.  It's well done dark, even if it is pretty early on, but there's a sense of world here that really keeps me invested in it, and the story plays out pretty well.  I think I'll be reading it for a while, at least as long ad Dash, and it's a nice contrast.

Well, that was a nice surprise.  Don't expect anything more any time soon.  Still, expanding the amount of time between updates has given me time to work on stuff like this, so I'm happy about it.  Wish my job wasn't so overbearing, but that's what happens when you're good at what you do, I guess.  Until next time kiddies.