Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Touching Base #1

Hey, wasn't I supposed to have another set of reviews up?  Well, yes, but considering I'm on #71 of only 170 or so that HAVEN'T been posted on this blog, and I do 5 a week, I'm going to run out of old reviews to rehash in the next 6 months or so, I figured it was time to start a new segment to fill in the gaps and pad out the rest.

Touching Base will basically be that, taking the comics I currently read and giving them a quick go over as to their status.  No spoilers, but I will make comments on trends and my own view, positive or negative, on them.  So let's get started with Touching Base #1.

I guess I'll start with Zap! and the fact that it's leaving my read list this week.  This is NOT a bad comic by any means, but it's just too damn slow.  It seems odd that I can find this fault considering the sheer number of comics I read that update once a week or even less frequently, but Zap! is a comic that BEGS to update 3 times a week, and it just doesn't.  The pacing of every page is geared toward more frequent updates, the stories, the size of the pages, the density of text, all of it demands that it be at least 3 times a week, but instead it pokes along at once a week.  I'm not even interested in the story any more it's so damn slow.  Maybe the best solution for this strip, if doing it multiple times a week is impossible, is to follow City of Reality's example and post whole chapters once a month or something, anything to speed this comic along.  As it stands, I really no longer care, and that's rather sad.

I'm also removing Lucid TV and Truck Bearing Kibble because neither has updated in a while and I somehow doubt either will.

Shadowgirls, after a several month hiatus (where they posted guest comics and pin ups, so not a complete hiatus thankfully) is starting up again.  The story itself should start this week, so that should be fun.  Also restarting for the new year is Angels 2200, which of course is starting with some exposition.  I think it's the comic's way of laying it's cards on the table, only to recollect, reshuffle and re-deal them for a new game, so it should be interesting.

Count Your Sheep is moving toward adding another character, finally.  Considering this comic originally had only 3 visible characters for a long time, and then only a few months ago added yet one more, having the cast grow to five is a miracle in and of itself.  It's still keeping the humor of the comic with it though.

Bunny is doing, um, something.  Blimps being attacked by tentacles which in any other comic would be weird, but in Bunny is par for the course.  And yet, it's still very strange for that comic, go figure.

Wapsi Square is finally wrapping up the entire calendar plot, which is odd because I thought it was supposed to happen in 2012. . .  I do think the point is to change the comic's dynamic (the calendar plot has basically sucked every thing into it) and it was time for a change to go along with the new layout.  Of course, it could also mean the end of the strip itself, which I find hard to believe given the new site design that just recently came up, but I've been wrong before.

Well that's enough of that this week.  There's no set pattern as to how often these will be posted, basically whenever I think something interesting has come up, so until the next time kiddies.

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