Friday, October 15, 2010

Touching Base #5

Another edition of Touching Base because I'm resorting a lot of my links.

No Rest for the Wicked officially went over a year of no updates this month.  Since the forums are filled to the brim with spam, I don't think it'll be updating again anytime soon.  I am depressed by this because it was pretty good and active for a while.

Our Time in Eden has gone on indefinite hiatus due to the artist getting a well paying job.  It might come back in a few months, but it's hard to say for certain.  All these long story comics dying makes me sad like this.  Moreso because I keep reading them.

The Wotch is still not regularly updating, even after a fairly lengthy guest comic spot.  Come on guys, post some reason why your comic isn't updating ON THE COMIC PAGE!  Would be nice, you know?

Lowroad75 has vanished, probably some server error that has yet to be corrected.  The artist was going on an extended hiatus, so they may just not have noticed yet.  One can hope they'll get back to it.

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name is getting a sporadic with it's updates.  I'm worried it might stop, and am hoping it doesn't.

Brat-halla is also on hiatus (Touching Base #5:  Revenge of Hiatus, apparently).  Some personal problems of some sort are slowing production up.

City of Reality is also also on hiatus, but I know he's active.  I guess doing the MWF thing didn't work well for him so he's going back to building an archive of stories to post in large chapter shots.  I for one am all for it.

Apparently I missed that Edge the Devilhunter was going on extended hiatus a while ago.  Makes sense as the site hasn't updated in forever.  A couple more months and I'll be giving it up for dead.  These updates are getting tiring.

Return to Eden is apparently in the final stretch, so I expect this story to wrap up probably at the beginning of next year.  That's actually positive news as the strip has continued updating for it's entire story length.

And that's about it.  I've rearranged the list (-->) a bit, not much, just to keep things straight.  I think I'll add a new section over there:  Webcomic Stuff, where I keep the review sites and blogs I follow.  Not much there right now (like 4 sites) but might be worth your time.

Anyway, until next week kiddies.

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