Friday, January 7, 2011

You know the hardest part?

The hardest part about maintaining this blog is coming up with a weekly topic.  Oh, I have the old standby of posting old reviews, but I'm running out of those, so eventually, I have to write something else.  So here are the general topics and what makes them so hard writing:

1.)  Webcomic Articles - Before I started this blog, I figured I had a lot to say about webcomics.  How they were structured, what to and not to do, the entire Hiatus article was a big part of that as well.  The problem:  I've basically done nearly all of my ideas.  There are a handful that sit, barely started in the post editing thing, but often it's because I didn't really have a good idea of what I was doing with them.  Now I kind of struggle to come up with new ideas, ones that I can tie to comics I have read.  That's harder than you would think.

2.)  Newspaper Comics - With needing something to fill space, I figured "why not funny pages?"  It is where a large majority of webcomic artists get their inspiration and many of them kind of want to be in the paper, though that's becoming less and less appealing.  I set out with 4 comics I definitely wanted to do (I did 3 of them so far), but the others are kind of random.  And also I have to do research, into all these comics.  Unlike webcomics, there's no easy way to read the entire archives of these comics, and in some cases (Blondie) it's probably impossible to do in a reasonable amount of time.  So research it is, but that takes time and I need an opinion on the comic before I even start.  It really isn't as easy as throwing open the newspaper and pointing.  Wish it was.

3.)  Touching Base - The entire concept is to keep you guys updated on things going on in comics, like a comic shutting down or starting up.  Which doesn't happen very often.  I don't like doing story summaries, updating you on what's going on IN the comic, I want to talk what's going on WITH the comic, and that's more rare.  The last edition was me bitching about comics that don't update any more, and that is SO depressing.  Luckily, most of the comics I read do update pretty regularly, so that's good.

4.)  Not So Wild Review - This is MUCH harder than any of those others.  I don't write a lot of detailed reviews (the whole concept of the Wild Webcomic Review is quick and dirty), so when I try to go into details, I have to really think long and hard about it.  Currently I have Sea of Insanity sitting here waiting to be finished, but finding a way to describe it for a review is tough, thanks in no small part to the 2 year gap in production it had.  I hope to continue to do these, and finish the next one especially, as it will definitely fill time on the blog.

5.)  Other Reviews - I've only done one, the book review for Silver, and I'm not sure I want to do any more.  This is the Wild WEBCOMIC Review, not the Wild Book Review (and it wasn't that wild).  It sits more as an exercise in reviewing more than anything else.  I've got a few other reviews of various things (including one game) that if I'm pressed, I could post, but I'd rather avoid it.

6.)  Finish updating the site - BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Wait, yeah, I should do that.  I really need to get that list page done at some point here, maybe change the color scheme, add some images or something.

Or I could do 7.)  Post about why I'm not posting anything this week.  Yeah, that seems like less work to me.  How about to you?

Until next time kiddies.

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