Friday, February 18, 2011

Wild Webcomic Reviews 131 - 135

Sorry about the odd formatting last week.  This blog thing is terrible sometimes.  So another batch of old reviews for you to feast your eyes upon.

March 08, 2007

131. Ever After - Watch as Little Red Riding Hood kicks ass and takes names (as well as limbs). This is actually a fairly young comic (very few story line strips, it's stuck in a giant guest strip sequence now, which I could do without, thankyouverymuch) but it has a load of potential. The action is actiony, the art is fantastic, and the writing, well, we'll have to see on that. Like I said, it's young. Might become a classic at some point, you never know.

TODAY - Dead as a doornail.  It died maybe a couple months after I reviewed it.  Damn shame as the comic looked so damn interesting.  I sure know how to pick them, don't I?

132. Starslip Crisis - A light sci-fi comic featuring a war ship turned museum and its crew and galactic TERROR. Doesn't that always follow? It's not as funny as, say, Schlock Mercenary, but it's a bit more deep than Station V3. It's something in the middle. That's not bad, mind you (I like both Schlock and V3), just in the middle. Enjoyable.

TODAY - The name and art style was changed a bit ago, so it's now Starslip, and features more 3 dimensional character designs.  The comic hasn't changed that much from when I first read it and continues to entertain.

133. Questionable Content - This batch of comics comes to you thanks in part to this comic, but mostly to this review of the comic. If you are less than mature or a fan of Questionable Content, I suggest not clicking that link. Upon reading the review, I had to find out if what he says is true. So is he right? Well, yes and no. No, it is NOT the worse comic ever (EarthBeta is far worse, with Diesel Sweeties right behind it). In fact, I found parts of it quite funny. That said, everything he says about the nature of the comic ("a group of 20-somethings consisting of guys who are absolutely terrified of women and the girls who terrorize them sit around and discuss their feelings" among other things) is dead on. There are also probably 2000 comics out there that do the same damn thing, this one is just lucky enough to be popular. I think it takes the "whimsy" element (weird stuff that happens, including giant robots demanding apologies) a bit to far for a comic that is, generally, pretty grounded. All that said, this comic isn't going to stay in my read pile. It's okay, often funny, but it just doesn't interest me in a long term relationship. I'm sorry Questionable Content, it's not you, it's me.

TODAY - Still don't see what other people see in this comic.  I just don't read it, but I don't hate it (like some other comics that are popular for some god damned reason).  Just not sure why people like this one that much more than it really deserves.

134. Brat-halla - So what's it like to raise a god? This comic answers the question. About the only comic that focuses almost solely on Norse mythology (that I've found, I have a few that do Greek), and a rather funny one at that. The art style looks familiar (can't place it myself) but it is very well done and fairly high quality. It's just a fun comic.

TODAY - As I said last week, the comic is going on indefinite hiatus, and is likely dead.  Damn dirty shame.

135.  Flatwood - The FAQ for this comic suggest that you read it "with all the lights off and the optional oragan music playing." Adds to the "horror" effect of the comic. And it has a point, this can be a bit of an unnerving comic. The character style screams "FUNNY" while everything else says "BOO!" Odd combination and I still can't decide if I like it or not. It's not bad, I'm just not sure if I want to keep it in my weekly grind. Be warned that some of the comics are actually animated gifs, so don't go clicking through real fast, you might miss something.

TODAY - So dead it isn't even funny.  The main site is long gone, so all that's left is the Comic Genesis site, and that's about it.  I would say a shame, but at the same time, I don't think it was really that good.  Weird, scary, but good?  I don't know.  Judge for yourself on that one.

Well, that's enough.  Hopefully I can get the time to get to reviewing that award thing next week.  Until then kiddies.

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