Friday, May 27, 2011

Touching Base #7

I really need to sit down and do some comic reading/reviewing for this blog, I'm running out of topics.  In the meantime, let's touch some bases.

Looks like the Wotch is finally ready to start updating normally again.  Maybe, possibly.  They're starting with cleaning up the archives a bit, moving the filler and guest comics out of the main stream.  I personally have no problem with those being in the archives, but I can understand the desire to move it out.  At least this is showing some activity, so hopefully the comic will be coming back soon.

Shadowgirls has switched to a short, side story while they prep the next few chapters of the main storyline.  It looks like my fear of a pay site may not materialize, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

City of Reality updated as well, I guess he's going back to the chapter by chapter updates rather than the 3 times a week thing.  I think I prefer this model, at least for this comic.  Not sure it would work out too well for other strips, but for City of Reality, it just works.

Emergency Exit is undergoing another art/style facelift.  I mentioned in my review how jarring it was when this comic changed styles, but I don't think the change will be as extreme this time.  I think it'll be very noticeable though as he's pushing for a layout that more easily allows a print version of the comic.  I think I'm reading the news right that the older archives will still be available, but then he talks about offering them for a pay download, which confuses me.  We'll see how it goes.

Totally Crossover's domain name ( expired, and it took a bit of searching to find it again.  The comic is essentially dead as the focus has shifted to Special Level, but not even a redirect page?  That's annoying.  At least the comic is still findable (even if smackjeeves is giving me fits loading it).  Remember kids, keep your comic easy to find, don't just abandon domain names without a redirect or something.

I often complain about comics that just stop updating, and Road Waffles has, in the past, done that on more than one occasion.  So I'm glad to say at least Eight's keeping us in the loop that yes, he does plan on returning, it's just that things are happening to prevent it.

Sea of Insanity, on the other hand, hasn't had an update since February.   This is also the same comic that didn't update for over 2 years, so a few months is nothing, but I'd like some notes on what's going on, please?

Contemplating Reiko restarted after a short stint of being down. There were some issues with Google ads, I believe, and in the meantime, they redesigned the website.  It looks much better than it did, and the archives are easy to browse now.  Better yet, the comic is updating again, which I really am glad about.

Roza feels like it's repeating itself, but only because it is.  Chapter 4 was done, originally, in rough draft form, and wrapped up a couple months ago.  Now the finished draft of the chapter is being posted, this one in full color. It's an odd way to do it, even odder than City of Reality's method, and I don't think I like it.  It was always an experiment, and while it didn't drive me away from the comic, I didn't feel as invested in it as I once did because of this odd trend.  I'm hoping the completed Chapter 4 will bring me back.

Well, that's enough for today.  Might hit this up again next week.  Oh, and I know there are two Touching Base #5's.  Not sure how I managed that, but this should put us back on track.  Until next time kiddies.

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