Friday, August 19, 2011

Touching Base #8

Another edition of Touching Base because I haven't read a new comic in, um, nearly half a year I think.  I know, for a comic review blog, I don't do much of it do I?  I'll get back to it once I stop getting distracted by Champions Online.

As I stated last week, The Wotch is back to updating again, picking up where it left off with a new artist, Ian Samson from City of Reality.  He's done a LOT of fan art for the comic, so much that he even has to remind himself that he's not making fan art, but actual art for the comic.  The schedule will be weekly to start, but ramp up as Ian gets more time to draw.

City of Reality is doing a different, flash based system for presentation.  Samson is a big fan of using flash for various things (past updates to CoR have featured it heavily) though this method seems, well, a bit of a waste at the moment.  It's compact, I suppose, but it really doesn't offer anything that couldn't be had via straight up page updates.  Not sure why he's doing it.

Dr. McNinja's current storyline features Paul Bunyon's (yes, that's plural) fighting dinosaurs.  Why aren't you reading this comic?  Are you opposed to all that is awesome in the world or something?

Emergency Exit's reboot has begun and I'm, well, not all that impressed.  The lack of color I think really, REALLY hurts this comic.  The line work is good, very good, but it feels hollow without proper shading or color.  I'm sure the plan is to make it easier to update, but I think it loses something without the color angle.  Even some better shading would help.  Storywise, I don't know yet.  Still too early to tell, but it's apparent the story has moved forward several months from where it left off.  I'm fine with that, let's see where it goes.

Spinnerette's newest chapter is being done by a different pair of artists.  It's a temporary measure, from what the news post about it says, and the art is pretty good.  I think it helps they're sticking with the proper models for the characters.  I do want the original artist to come back, I think it fits the comic better, but for a temporary departure, this is fine.  I wonder if Krazy Krow will draw his own chapter at some point, or maybe do his own guest comic.  That would be pretty neat.

Cogs, the new comic by the creator of Just Another Escape hasn't started QUITE yet, but there is the first sketch of a cast page up.  I usually don't like reading info dumps like this, so I'll wait for the actual comic to start before doing much about it.  You can read it though, not like I could stop you.  Still no word on when something to 'complete' JAE's story will come out, however.

Alright, enough of this good news, let's get on to the comics that are dead.  Lizzy hasn't updated in forever and it's forums are flooded with spam, I think it's dead.  Hanna is Not a Boy's Name hasn't updated since Feburary and none of the artists sites (twitter and deviantart) have updated since then either.  I was really liking that comic too.  More of a surprise is Charliehorse, Krazy Krow's comic before starting Spinnerette.  That is officially done according to a news post briefly during a pause between Spinnerette's chapters.  I thought it was going alright, but if he wasn't seeing how to make it gel, I can understand giving up on it.

I'm finally going to stop checking Nobody Scores!, On the Edge, and, *sigh* Sea of Insanity.  All three, while some of my favorites, are effectively dead at this point.  On the Edge was announced as dead, of course, but I hung on hoping for a mind change, while the other two are just, well, dead.  Again in Sea of Insanity's case.  I suppose the positive thing here is I can skip the not-so-wild review of it now, as those are for comics I read.  That said, all three will go into the Hiatus folder, never knows if one of them will suddenly come back to life after all.

Not much else to say on this front.  Until next time kiddies.

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