Friday, February 17, 2012

Touching Base #9

Time to touch base with a lot of comics and figure out what's coming.

First of all, a lot of updates are coming to my read list.  Sea of Insanity is, once again, being dropped and sent to the dead pile.  It's been over a year since the last update, and I have a feeling the artist really wasn't into it with it's return anyway.  Sorry to see it go, again, but it's time to move on.

I'm also dropping, much to my regret, Count Your Sheep from the read list.  I am really, REALLY sad about this, but the comic's updates have been few and far between, and if it were a more complicated comic, like Sea of Insanity, I could let it go, but it's a 3 panel, daily joke comic strip.  A 3 month delay between strips is unacceptable.  I still recommend the archives, but I won't be reading this as part of my run any more.

Exiern is going to be moved from weekly to T-Th.  Not sure why I kept it in weekly for so long.

Gypsy! has vanished, not sure what's up with that.  Hope it comes back.

Hark a Vagrant! artist Kate Beaton is considering doing what no webcomic artist has done before:  retire from it.  Oh, a lot of people have QUIT their webcomics, but none have retired.  That's, um, something I didn't expect to see.  Will it happen?  Probably.  She's making much more money off of print nowadays, and keeping her website going is actually an obstacle to making more.  If she does I wish her the best.  Until she does, I'll be checking the website.

Blip has slowed down updating due to injury.  The same injury, I think, that sunk Metrophor and has sidelined Emergency Exit.  Still, recovery is going slow, so hopefully Blip and Emergency Exit will start updating again on a regular basis.

Magic Girls (which I haven't reviewed yet) has changed artists as the original artist A) is already doing 2 other comics (Menage a 2 and Eerie Cuties) and B) got a job offer that couldn't be refused.  I'm actually not surprised at the change, and kind of glad of it.  It's already a spin off of Eerie Cuties, and crosses over with it still, but can lead to several confusing moments.  The change will probably be for the best in the long run as it'll give more time for the other two comics, and hey, paid work is good.

Errant Story's final chapter is slated to start.  I figure it'll still be a couple months before it's done, and I'll enjoy the ending while it comes.  The last few months of the comic have been very rough on the artist as his wife has had major medical problems and is only just now recovering.  The fact that he's managed to keep the comic going is a feat in and of itself.  The spin off, Errant Tales, is currently on hold while this recovery goes on, but Does Not Play Well With Others is still updating, and I will be following it.  It's funny.

This is more a selfish part, as I've been having problems with a few comics.  Devil's Panties, Templar, Arizona, Bug and Waspi Square don't like loading for me.  Not sure if it's my browser (Opera is funny sometimes) or something on the site itself.  Anyone else having problems?

Well, that's it for this week.  Not sure what's next week, but we'll see.  Until next time kiddies.

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