Friday, June 1, 2012

Not So Wild Review: The Whiteboard

Several years ago, before I moved to this empty region of New York state, I used to play a bit of Airsoft, which is basically people using pumped up bb guns that look like real weapons.  It's fun, if a touch painful.  Typically, these matches would be played on the same fields as paintball, though I never played paintball itself.  The two are, from what I understand, very similar.  Which might explain the fun I have with. . .


This is a comic built around a paintball shop owned by Doc, a genius who happens to be a polar bear.  The jokes typically around his more wild creations, the comings and going of the people who shop, hang out or work in the shop, and playing paintball.  It's very much a humor comic, with little in terms of story or character development.  That's not a downside, I should note, the comic does just fine.


There isn't much to say about characters, as they are generally pretty one note.  They don't act ENTIRELY as one dimensional characters though, which is good because the jokes would probably get old after a while.  They do fit obvious roles, of course, and most characters can be identified by sight if nothing else.  Reading this comic for characters, though, is doing it wrong.


This is where some people will be turned off, as the comic would be considered "furry."  As in, the main cast is all humanized animals.  Doc is a polar bear, after all.  There are "humans" floating around, but they are little more than complex stick figures, typically in the form of Doc's customers.  The rest, are all animals, and that turns a lot of people off because of some weird internet thing.  I find it funny since Mickey MOUSE and Bugs BUNNY have been around long before the internet, and no one has the problem with them, so yeah.  The art, however, is very nice, clean black and white art that conveys quite a bit of information and is well done.


No point talking about this here too much, but there are story lines, kind of a light adventure comic style.  Nothing too great, of course, aside from the episode where they fought zombies (I don't get it either, actually), but it's there.  Right now there's a short bit dealing with learning to play in a paintball tournament, it's kind of interesting, but also played for a few laughs without being too silly.


The jokes are almost entirely wrapped around paintball, the lingo, and the madness that is Doc's creations.  Which are usually nuclear powered paintball guns.  I should note they don't need nuclear power for paintball games.  Yeah.  Things have gotten to the point of ridiculousness.  The pizza teleporter was at one point the most out there creation, now there is a hidden base, mechs and other wild things.  The rest of the jokes are much smaller jokes based on the idiosyncrasies of the cast.  It's not really anything special in the long run, but it's also good in the the small does (3 or 4 panels) that it works.


The Whiteboard started on just that, a whiteboard, but it's become a good, solid comic over the years.  There's nothing particularly "great" about it, but nothing bad either.  It's funny and entertaining and worth the read.  While other comics are much better, I will continue reading this comic for a long time to come.

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