Friday, July 20, 2012

Wild Webcomic Reviews 165 - 169

Another batch of old reviews as I have nothing this week.  It's been hot as hell around here, so comic stuff hasn't been foremost on my mind as of late.

January 03, 2009

165. U.F.O. - I almost swear this whole comic is just an excuse for the artist to draw girls in their panties. Almost. Otherwise it's just a silly romp with lots of people being killed for their 'funk.' Sadly, no, it is not funky funk, it's some weird plot device funk. Yes, I was disappointed that it wasn't funkier. It is moderately funny, if goofy, and despite the lack of true funk, I'll probably keep reading it, assuming they get back to making new comics. . .

TODAY - Well it DID update again, and at quite a good pace until SOMETHING happened in April of this year and nothing since then.  It's alright still, just alright, and if it updates some more, it'll be still on my read list but nothing that holds me to it.

166. Hopscotch - Most webcomics seem to settle into some epic storyline with no proper end in sight, or become a long series of gags that go on forever. Hopscotch doesn't. It is a short story in graphic form, and in fact you could strip all the art away and it would still be a pretty good story by itself. It is short, and complete, so worth it if you have an hour or so. I think the guy is an idiot, BTW, but whatever.

TODAY - Nothing further to add on this one.

167. Queen of Wands - This comic was the first creation of the author of Punch an' Pie, which I throughly enjoy, so I had decent expectations going into QoW. And it met them, surprisingly enough. It isn't perfect, there's a lot of backstory/flashback things that are FILLED with words and angst and emo that I really, REALLY could have done without, but when the comic was in the "here and now" it flowed pretty well and made sense the whole way through. I am kind of glad I didn't start reading it when it was active, because I probably would have dropped it after a while, but as a dead comic, I'm fine with it. There is an commentary version of the archives, but I didn't read that (said to be spoiler filled), but I might go back some time just to see what they were thinking behind the scenes. Half wish more comics did that.

TODAY - Still haven't gotten back to those commentaries.  Mostly laziness on my part, but again, I wasn't strictly in love with the strip when I read it.  Maybe someday.

168. The Call of Whatever - From one dead comic to another, this one with a Lovecraftian twist. This is just a fun little comic, and you really don't HAVE to have any working knowledge of the Cthulu Mythos to enjoy it, but it helps. Even then, there's probably somethings that will go clear over your head. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that it ended when it did. In someways, I would have liked to see it go on, but then, they pretty much played out all the good jokes by that point and it would have just settled into a mud of mediocrity or something worse. Still, it was diverting, and I'm glad I got a chance to read it.

TODAY - Again, nothing much to add on this.  Completed comics give me little room over this, unless I go full bore with a retrospective.

169. Shadowgirls - The first thing I see is a naked black man telling me to get out. Thankfully, this is not that kind of comic. It's a superhero comic basically, set in the Cthulu Mythos. I segwayed these last three reviews well, didn't I? Anyway, this is what the Front could have been, it's good, very good. The art is comic bookish, sure, but it's expressive and colorful. The story and characters are well done and well communicated. Heck, the backstory is presented in a believable, not lecturing kind of way that I love. It's good, damn good, even with all the filler/bonus comics strewn throughout the archives (and even those are actually pretty good). Worth my time.

TODAY - Speaking of retrospectives, I did a full blown one on this comic here, so go read that to get my most recent thoughts.

One active (though on unexpected hiatus) comic, and 4 dead/completed ones.  Ah well.  I will note that this review is the first time I really started thinking about doing this blog at all.  My issue with starting it:  not having enough stuff to fill it.  Yeah, I'm stretching this week, that's for sure.  Until next time kiddies.

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