Friday, May 3, 2013

Touching Base #13

Touching base already?  Well, there's a couple major things that I need to cover.

First, Leth Hate has ended.  Back in Feburary.  Why didn't I mention it before?  Well Leth Hate is part of the Lowroad line of comics, so I don't think it's gone for good.  Not like Road Waffles, but more like he'll start a NEW comic at some point in the future.  When?  No idea.  Best way to keep track is to follow Leth Hate for a bit longer.

Twilight Lady has switched artists.  While it's still miles better than the 3d work of the early strips, it's not quite as good as the last artist, at least not yet.  Characters seem on model, which is important, but it feels simpler for some reason.  In time, I think it'll get better, and I like the writing well enough not to complain too much.

Vampire Cheerleaders has gone somewhere I didn't expect.  Initially, I thought the crossover with one of the other comic properties was just that, a crossover.  It's not.  It's a major plot point, and probably a major turning point for the comic.  Not sure where they're going to go after this, but I'm definitely going to keep watching.

Back from hiatus is City of Reality, and I couldn't be happier.  I think dividing his time between it and the Wotch was a bit much, which is why the Wotch is doing smaller, non-cannon strips now.  Speculation on a cross over between the two was actually brought up on Ian's blog, but not likely to happen any time soon.

Station V3 is turning 10 years old next week.  He's got something planned for it, so keep an eye out (it'll probably be silly)

The big news is actually about Out There.  Starting in June, the comic is undergoing a rather sizable change, literally as it'll be comic book sized pages, and full color.  And also will only be posted at best twice a week.  Such a drastic change in format is something I rarely see (I have seen it before, just can't recall which comic it was now), so it'll be interesting to see happen.  Why the change?  Well one of the main characters is gettng married.  Kind of a big deal, but does make me wonder where the comic goes from here.

Oh, but that's not all.  There's to be a new COMIC from the same artist.  It'll also be twice a week, in full color.  What's it about?  No idea.  Will I be reading it?  Hell yeah.

And that's about it.  Later kiddies.

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