Friday, July 19, 2013

Brainstorming B

Eddie's Seefood Restaurant - There's a large canal that runs down the middle of the city.  Along it's edges are walkways and dozens of buildings.  One of them has a worn out sign that read's "Eddie's Seafood Restaurant" with the 'a' crudely painted over with an 'e.'  Inside, Tessa, the manager, waitress and chef of the restaurant spends her time painting and selling plates because on one is going to be eating off them any time soon.  In the basement is Eddie, the owner and once great chef, spends his days caring for his fish.  Some time ago there was an accident and Eddie lost a great amount of his mental faculties.  Since that day, the fish he once kept live and fresh in the basement became his pets and obsessions, and the restaurant fell on dark times.  Then, after a flash flood, Eddie found an angel fish apparently dead along the shores of the canal.  He took it home and put it into one of his tanks, where it seemed to come back to life.  That's when strange things started happening. . .

Lots of odd dreams of late.  This one featured fish coming back from the dead.  Last time I built a serious, science fantasy piece involving a bizarre mystery.  This time, I see a fantasy with a less than serious bent.  Not "ha ha" funny, but more "well that's amusing" type funny.  Particularly how the restaurant makes money by selling plates.  Not of food, but the plates themselves.

As for where it's going, the idea is that the restaurant becomes, well, viable again.  Whether as a restaurant or not is another story, but people come and so does money.  After that, maybe wacky adventures, I suppose.  The eventual goal is determining what, or perhaps who, the angel fish is and what it really means.  I'm thinking that it really isn't about the restaurant per se, but the neighborhood and city around it.  The history of the place, what really happened to Eddie perhaps is part of it, and the future of this place.

This is a very rough idea, but it's an idea that a decent artist and writer could play with for a long term comic with no solid ending to speak of.

BTW, if you're an artist looking to use these ideas, just tell me and give me credit and you can go wild.  Until next time kiddies.

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