Friday, September 13, 2013

Fourth Anniversary

You know, last year I kind of skipped an official Anniversary post and instead had a new patch of reviews.  This year?  Yeah, not so much.

Actually, quite a bit.  The last month and a half have been mostly prepping for this anniversary.  The site redesign, the New List, sorting comics, looking at old favorites, all of this has been about this anniversary.  I've been doing reviews of comics for over 10 years now, and only the last 4 have been with this blog, but it still feels like I'm just getting started.

And yet, I apparently have a following of sorts.  I never really paid attention to the stats Blogspot keeps on traffic, mostly because it really didn't matter to me.  I was posting this stuff for myself at the very least, somewhere to vent my ideas and try to get out the things I wanted to talk about.  Looking now, though, wow do I have a lot of people visiting my site.  I mean, I'm not bringing in thousands every week, but even 50 or so is more than I'd expect.  So I want to thank you all for reading.

Which means I need to return the favor a bit.  I really, REALLY haven't looked at the back end stuff for Blogspot until now, and missed things like, a way to catch all the comments made on my blog.  As in I generally miss them all.  My apologies about that.  I still find it hard to remember that this is MY site, not some other site that happens to link everything I read in one convenient location.  So I will make an much more concerted effort to keep up on comments, even if they are few and far between.

On top of that, there really isn't a great way to send me suggestions or other things.  As such, I've created a new gmail account just for this site.  It is  This will be linked on the About page so that should make it easier for people to contact me.  Do note if you send a suggestion, or are promoting yourself, my method of reviewing might mean it takes a great deal of time for it to get on the site.  New comics will suffer great deal from this as I prefer to give them time to take root before I dive in.  I don't always, but I do try.

Finally, you probably noticed a new addition to the site.  Yeah, those are ads, I signed up for Ad-Sense..  I probably wouldn't do it, but not to long ago I was on a computer that was not my own and randomly googled for "webcomic review."  I was fourth on the list.  Not fourth page, fourth.  That may mean nothing, there aren't a lot of webcoimc review sites out there (Webcomic Overlook is at the top, BTW, go El Santo), but it does mean something to me, it means I might actually, you know, get something out of this site besides satisfaction.  I've been unemployed for almost a year now, and any form of income, even the few cents a week this site might bring in, would be helpful.  I'll try to place the ads so they won't be too intrusive, but tell me if you find it so and I'll look to move it around a bit.

Again, I thank all of you for visiting my humble little page.  Which is getting a lot less humble now that I think about it.  Still, I will try to keep weekly updates going, even as I plan a month long trip to Texas of all places (it's a job hunting trip).  I'm taking my laptop, so I will still be updating with something.  Next week I'm driving out there, in fact.  It's a hell of a way to celebrate my birthday, which is the birthday of this site as well.  Officially that's the 16th by the way, but I update on Fridays, and I don't intend to change that.

Until next week kiddies, and for as long as I'm able.

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