Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Stuff

Before I get into posting a lot of my fiction, well more of it than I have, I think I need to give you guys some idea what to expect.

Which is a lot of incomplete work.  Seriously, Dreams of Stars is one of the few pieces I've actually completed, and that took a LONG time to do.  Most of my story ideas usually don't get even a fraction as far as that.  The reasons are many, but mostly because OOoo Shiny!

That said, there are a lot that is written, just not finished.  Most of it is opening stuff, the start, which is part of the problem in writing my stories as I think of the beginning and the end, not the middle so much.  That's why I stall out, the enormity of some of these project is, well, enormous.  Some stories are so big that the very prospect is terrifying (Dreams of Stars tops out at about 105 Word pages, many of the others should take even longer).

I also have a tendency to keep going with the story long after it should stop, so the goal posts keep getting further away, and I give up on it in despair.  I'm surprised I managed to lock down Dreams of Stars so well.

I will say this though:  Don't expect any poetry.  I have a little, from when I took a Creative Writing course (I went for the prose, they made me do poetry), but nothing worth sharing.  Little of what I wrote in that course will be posted, but some will.

Do expect a whole lot of ideas that didn't actually get made into stories.  These are like Brainstorming articles, only MORE, a lot more in some cases.  Mostly it's just ideas, trying to get my head around concepts and worlds to play in, some of them are more involved.

There will be some fan fiction, but not much really.  Most of my fan fiction is for Freespace, and it's mostly not very good.  That said, it did help me learn HOW to write, so I might post a little of it, just to poke fun at myself.

And I'll be talking a lot about the different stuff.  Why I chose certain things, the origins of different ideas, and my own journey through creative writing and such.  Nothing super exciting, but if you want to know more, it'll be here.

One of the three, either a story bit, an idea bit, or me talking about one or the other.  I'll try to keep them interesting, and alternating as much as I can.  I don't guarantee every week, the webcomic stuff will generally take priority (assuming I'm not too tired or bugged by something).

In any case, I hope you enjoy them.  Until next time kiddies.

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