Friday, February 27, 2015

More Patreon

I figure I should update the Pateron campaign listings.  Last time, I had 19 comics but several more have been added since.  After last week's article, I really should highlight the current best option for making money.  It is a popularity contest, don't forget that, so if the comic isn't well known, well, it doesn't make any money even with a great Pateron campaign.  That said, I hope my little blog and highlighting their campaigns help them along.

These are ONLY comics I currently read, as I'm sure many of the Non-Reads have their own campaigns.  Go forth and keep these comics updating.

Bug Martini -
Chainsawsuit -
Devil's Panties -
Dumbing of Age -
Girls with Slingshots -
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal -
Schlock Mercenary -
Wapsi Square -
Between Failures -
Bohemian Nights -
Broodhollow -
Corridor Realms (Twilight Lady, Subhuman Sanctum) -
Gaia -
Gunnerkrigg Court -
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja -
The Demon Archives -
Blind Springs -
Exiern -
Sandra and Woo -
Commander Kitty -
Dead Winter -
Derelict -
Does Not Play Well with Others -
Little Guardians -
Romantically Apocalyptic -
Sorcery 101 -
Trying Human -
Zebra Girl -
Dresden Codak -

Just a reminder if you are starting a Patreon, make it obvious.  Exiern's was kind of hidden away and I almost missed it.  Also, I haven't gone through these campaigns yet, but Patreon is a monthly thing, so make sure rewards are monthly, not one time or whenever you feel like it.

Next time, um, something.  Until then kiddies.

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