Friday, April 3, 2015

Where is Spring Wild Webcomic Review

Seriously where is. . .


No, spring, where is spring?  Why is there snow on the ground?  WHY IS IT STILL SNOWING!?

Eh, fine, I guess instead of getting answers I'll finally crank out another batch of reviews.  Yes, more comics to add to the great list, and fill in the gaps for a few comics that have ended.  So let's see what I've got.

271. Black and White Comic - Another entry in the "blog" comic category, but it seems lacking.  I suspect it's partly because it is a weekly gag strip, but doesn't have the punch to pull it off.  There are good weekly gag comics but this one isn't hitting in that weight class.  The jokes probably wouldn't be too bad in a daily or even 3 day a week format, but weekly there seems to be a lack of effort for both the jokes and the art.  I guess it's not really bad, but it isn't really all that good either and I probably won't be following due to that lack of density.

272. It Hurts! - My first impression of this comic was that it looked kind of stupid.  Then I started reading it and realized that was on purpose.  Then it began to remind me of The World Explodes (can't read it any more, but trust me on this) as it took a series of stupid ideas and actually built, well, a story with them, and not a bad one really.  Well, it's still kind of stupid, but the fun kind of stupid and the story, while not a masterpiece or anything, at least is entertaining.  I was surprised by this and likely will be following this comic for some time.

273. Legends of Whoelterran - The first thing that stood out was the art for this comic.  While the more recent strips are better, it still looks like it has been done in MS Paint.  I think if you gave the artist a Wacom and Photoshop, the comic would look quite good as there is a lot of movement and animation in the characters and designs, but at the same time tools I think are holding it back.  As for the comic as a whole, it's a High Fantasy comic, with swords and sorcery and computers?  Yeah, it's kind of odd.  Then it starts throwing out random Bible quotes.  Yeah, it's a Christian comic, but it doesn't bash it over the reader's head, at least for now.  It's not bad, just slightly below average, especially as getting exposition across seems a bit difficult at this stage.  Still, the last half of the chapter 3 (current chapter) is actually not bad and has some pretty good pacing.  I'll follow it for a bit, kind of want to see how the current chapter ends, but I'm not sure how long I'll keep it on the list.  The art will likely be a big turn off for most.

274. Namesake - Originally this was going to be part of the last review batch as it kind of fit the theme, then I remembered Bloodstain existed, so it comes in this batch instead.  It's good, it's very good.  Reminds me of several other comics and stories I'll have to spend some time go over in the future.  In any case, it taps into fairy tales, action adventure, and what it means to be human, and I really enjoy it.  I would write more about it but it is completely worth reading and I highly recommend it.  I'll be reading it too, probably for the foreseeable future.

275. Paranatural - This comic is also quite good.  It reminds me of something as well (I think it's FLCL) but stands quite well on it's own.  It's a fun Urban Fantasy comic focused on a school age kids fighting ghosts.  I don't think it takes itself too seriously, but is smart enough to squeeze some depth into every story without beating the reader upside the head with them.  I like this comic quite a bit, the fact that it feels like it combines It Hurts! with Namesake makes it a great comic to top off this batch.

Yeah, brief reviews for the last couple, but they're good so it's all good.  Next time, I'm going to go into more detail about what I meant in that Namesake review.  Until then kiddies.

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