Friday, August 21, 2015

Touching Base #22

Once more with Touching Base, mostly because shitty summer work schedule and big ass article series kind of necessitates these shorter bits.

Following, a bit, from last week's Retrospective, Between Failures had a medical emergency several weeks ago now.  A week's worth of guest strips while the artist recovered then the comic picked up once again.

Bohemian Nights also had a shake up as the site got hacked and got taken down for a bit.  I bring both of these up because they each did what artists should always do, tell the audience that something was wrong.  I really appreciate that and I'm glad both comics are back at full steam.

Speaking of which, Wapsi Square took a bit of a break, then picked up with about 3 strips that were some of the best story telling I've seen in the comic.  Then it got really overloaded with dialog again.  I told you he can do it, wish he did it more.

Station V3 is finally back to updating with a new title and mystery "Whatever Happened to Station V3?"  It's still the same silly fun that V3 is known for, and plays off the fact that the comic has had some serious issues in the last year or so.

Subhuman Sanctum finished it's first book and is now on summer vacation.  Which also serves as part of the fundraiser to keep the comic going, via buying the online books.  On one hand, I get it, they need money to pay the artists to continue making the comic, on the other hand, it almost feels like they're keeping it and Twilight Lady hostage over it.  I'll trust both will be back at full tilt soon enough.

Blindsprings did a short bit of posting "character descriptions" which normally I would rail against, but this is after most of the first volume of the comic is done, so I don't mind so much.  It's really just filler here, and while I didn't read much of it, the nature of the characters should already be known so it's not strictly necessary to read.

Strong Female Protagonist has finally seen the confrontation between Allison and Mary.  I'm writing this last week, so by now it might be wrapped up, but I doubt it.  This has been by far the best storyline in the comic, and I appreciate it greatly.

Something happened to Conny Van Ehlsing, and all of in fact.  The site is gone, and I fear the comic is too.  I can find one entry about it on google, and it's all in German or something, so that makes it a bit harder to track down.  I'll do some more searching as I have time, but I suspect the comic is gone.

Contemplating Reiko, which wasn't updating often to begin with, has now gone almost 8 months since the last update.  I think I'm going to call it dead now, which I don't really enjoy because the comic was fun.  Still, there was no real story there so no reason to stick with it strongly.

Oh and Elise Hooper is on unannounced hiatus again.  Seriously, just finish the damn comic already!  You're so damn close to the end.

I had to change the link for Out There as the actual site only ever worked half the time, and the Keenspot site is usually up all the time.

So finally, the last bit of news is a few weeks old, but worth mentioning.  The Adventures of Dr. McNinja will be coming to an end, probably in about 9 months or so (which puts it into next year).  After almost 10 years, I'm surprised, but not really shocked.  The comic has basically played out all it's ideas by this point, so it was time to bring it to an end.  Still, we'll see how it goes and I'll be waiting for it.  At least that's one comic that won't be added to the year of Retrospectives.

Finally, my browser decided to die.  Not my computer, my browser.  Been using Opera for sometime and today (Monday) it decided it didn't want to work any more.  Guess where all my bookmarks are?  I didn't lose ALL of them, just a bunch of them.  I'm straightening it out on Chrome now, but some of my recently marked "Future Reads" are going to be a trick to get to for a bit.  Shouldn't effect the blog any, just venting a bit.  I could vent more about more serious things, but those have NOTHING to do with the blog (outside of my work schedule).

Anyway, that's it for this week.  Hopefully I'll have the next part of The Classic up next week.  Until then kiddies.

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