Friday, October 2, 2015

Touching Base #23

I hate doing a touching base with so few articles and reviews in between, but my work schedule is a horrible beast of nastiness and I do need to catch up a bit.  And there's a lot of bad news to cover, though no dead news, so that's good.

Licensed Heroes is now officially on Hiatus while they sort out, um, issues.  It's not clear WHAT is going on, but it's something and it's completely derailing the comic for the time being.

Broodhollow is also on a Hiatus of sorts.  Straub put up a post that's it's almost purely mental issues related and he's trying to get back to a normal flow as quickly as he can.

Head Trip's issues are more physical.  First her computer died, then she was in a car accident and now needs physical therapy.  Yeah, that comic is down for a bit while she recovers.

Derelict's short hiatus is more related to setting up the next phase of the story than anything else it seems.  In the mean time, there is his new comic Sword Interval to look out, I have not yet as it's maybe a dozen pages long and I prefer 100 or one year, so it's at least 40 pages short of me checking it out at this point.  I imagine it's quite good regardless, so check it out.

The Demon Archives is just now coming back from it's guest artist binge it goes on between chapters.  I like it because it does expose less well known comics during these periods and that's more fodder for the Future Reads.

Magick Chicks is definitely finished, they have an epilogue page and everything.  My issue is Eerie Cuties which really didn't get that kind of ending ending.  Maybe it's that the comic isn't really ending or what, but I think I'll rethink my Retrospective plan to do both at the same time.  I'll give it a bit long and see what happens.

Legend of Whoelterra's updates have slowed WAY the hell down and aren't quite keeping pace with this new schedule.  I know I said I would drop it shortly after the review, but it's looking more likely now than ever.

The Fifth Circle's updates have been nonexistent for a while.  I'm probably going to put it in the Hiatus folder as a result.  I won't call it dead because, well, he's in AFRICA, kind of hard to maintain a website so far away.  Still will keep tabs.

One piece of good news is that Sluggy Freelance's summer schedule is over and it's back to 5 days a week, and beginning what is likely the final story of the comic.  Should be a fun ride.

That's enough for now.  Yes, I have finished Volume Six of Errant Story.  I just have to write the next part of The Classic, so hopefully that will be next week.  Until then kiddies.

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