Friday, April 8, 2016

Retrospective: Skullkickers

Skullkickers' ending kind of took me off guard.  I mean, it made sense given all the zaniness that was happening in the last few pages, but I wasn't expecting it to END.

It also brings me with a dilemma because, well, there isn't that much to really retrospect about when it comes to the comic.  It's not bad, far from it, it's just very, um, light.  There's not much depth here.

There's nothing wrong with that, honestly.  For every deep and meaningful comic like Between Failures, there needs to be something less invested around.  A popcorn comic, for lack of a better term.  And to that end, Skullkickers was an amazing success.  It was fun to read, and reminded me of a certain someone's DnD campaign. . .

There was some character development there, of course.  Eventually the two main characters (Shorty and Baldy) got proper names, and even backstories, which were interesting, but not earthshattering.  They bounced from location to location, picking fights and busting heads.  It was fun watching what trouble they would get into, but that's about it.

Honestly the whole Thool storyline got, um, old.  I was just waiting for them to kick his butt, and that was satisfying in the end, even if they didn't really "beat" him.  The silliness of the whole thing at the end just made it hard to follow, so I guess ending was about the only thing left to do.  Hell, they even fired the narrator.

That said, losing it from my read list, while it will make my T-Th-S category a little slimmer, isn't going to really impact me that much.  I wasn't in dire need for this comic, but it was a pleasant diversion and one that while it would be nice to still have  It isn't going to ruin my week or anything.  Nothing wrong with it, fun in it's own way and worth reading, even if it was only for a relatively short time.

Until next time kiddies.

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  1. Always enjoy you insights into web comics. You've opened up a huge list of must reads for me. I thought I might return the favor. You may want to check out the web comic 'Shotgun Shuffle'. The stories are great and the artwork is fantastic. (Much better than anything I can do.) Thanks again for all the hard work on your site.
    Eric Clements
    Bohemian Nights