Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Touching Base #2

Time for another edition of Touching Base.  It has nothing to do with being to lazy to post old reviews and that I'm currently in a new review reading cycle.  Nothing to do with that AT ALL.

First up, Gods and Undergrads, a comic I've been following a while, though with little caring about it recently.  The story is, um, kind of not there.  I take that back, it IS there, it just isn't the bold, obvious story you normally get.  All that would be well and good, but the first two volumes of the comic have been compacted into actual paper books and are now on sale.  Great, right?  Wrong, because now you can't read the achieves any more, only see "preview pages."  With such a long, slow story growing, the fact that the archives are now inaccessible makes me question whether I wish to continue the strip or not.  I'll think about it.

City of Reality is changing it's schedule.  It was running an entire chapter every 15 days or so, creating one of the more unique webcomic experiences that I really enjoyed.  Now it's going to a MWF schedule, one page a day.  I think I understand why, a typical chapter is on the order of 20-30 pages long, meaning he ends up doing nearly 2 pages A DAY.  Fully colored, sometimes with a great deal of flash.  That's assuming he didn't build up a healthy backlog, but even then, he's probably running out by now, and the stress of maintaining his current pace will probably have a negative effect on the comic.  On the other hand, I love the single chapter updates, it's so different and makes each a thrill to read.  I'll have to get back to you on whether this is a good thing or either too, but not for a few months or so.

In sadder news, Resident Dysentery has apparently dropped off the face of the internet.  Actually, this initially happened several months ago, with a big "Account Suspended" web page.  I figured they forgot to pay their bills or something, but the site has not returned and there's no hint of it that I can find via Google.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, between the rare updates and random art projects that got stuck in there, the comic really wasn't an "active" comic.  Still, to know that it's gone, like too many others, I am saddened and angry.

In hiatus news, Head Trip is back on hiatus.  Apparently the artist got flooded out of her apartment and is relatively homeless at the moment.  Just prior to this was a rash of events that prevented her from updating for months.  Hopefully she'll get back on track.

Parallel Dementia has also gone on a bit of a hiatus, but not without leaving something behind, namely yet another Emergency Exit crossover.  This time, though, EE is doing all the art work and updating both sites.  It's odd how closely linked these two comics have become, it's something you rarely ever see, even between spin offs.  Yet the character sets seem to compliment each other nicely and the story of the comics two main characters will likely be pushed forward from this exchange in a way that neither could do on their own.

Happy news, Totally Kotor is back!  Oh, you don't know about that yet.  Totally Kotor is a parody comic of the video game Star Wars:  Knights of the Old Republic and it's sequel.  It's a silly, fun comic featuring light spoons and cartoon violence and evil.  It went on hiatus, oh, about a year ago it seems when the artist went to do missionary work.  Well he came back, must have been around November, and has been updating regularly ever since.  I thought it was dead for good, so color me surprised when I checked it one day and found it was updating again.  Glad to have it back in it's old home, the MWF list.

Okay, what else.  Shadowgirls FINALLY started updating anew.  For some reason I was convinced it was restarting IN January rather than the end of the month.  Whoops.  Templar, Arizona hasn't updated in a while now, not sure what's up with that.

I suppose that's about it for this edition.  I'm hoping to have a new review batch up next week (I've read 4 of the 5 comics so far), and I'm still working on touching this place up with a page called "The List" which will feature EVERY comic I've read and reviewed (though not the reviews).  And by still working on, I mean I haven't done jack with it yet.  Hehe.  Also, suggestions on site layout, coloring and whatever are appreciated.

That's it for now kiddies, see you next time.

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