Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wild Webcomic Reviews 71 - 75

Well, after two weeks of no old reviews, let's get back to them shall we?

August 24, 2006

71. Brainslug - What is with homicidal bunny rabbits? Why do we want them to exist? I don't know, but here's another one, along with his "owners" fighting alien tongues. Yeah, I said tongues. Short, hasn't been updated since May, and more's the pity. This would be high on my list of comics if he started updated. Reminds me of Rugg in that way, and makes me cry since it hasn't updated in a long time either.

TODAY - The updates are still sporatic, but it does do it more frequently than before.  The initial alien tongue storyline finally finished, but the movement of the plot is, um slow.  Still, I'm glad, because it is rather fun.

72. Dreams in Synergy - This comic is gearing up to be a wonderful horror comic. A wonderfully horrific comic. The art is nice too, in a surrealistic sort of way. It sort of flows around, as does the text and dialog. It's short, being rather young, but it seems to be on the way to being very, very good.

TODAY - And it all fell apart and got a reboot, at which point I just stopped reading.  I think it might be on a monthly schedule, but hard to say on that.  The art is visually interesting, but I think there was never really much of a plot to run with it.

73. Infanticide - It doesn't update much, if at all. There aren't many "strips," as it were, and I'll be damned if I can pronounce the girl's name, but it is a nice break. Innocent in a way that is hard to match, fun in the same way. Short, sweet, easy to read and enjoy. I hope it gets updated again, that would be great.

TODAY - There hasn't been any new pieces for this in a long time, but I think it's more a one shot deal than a running comic.  I have no problem with that either.

74. Insanity 24/7 - Every strip involves the main character slipping into some geek culture reference. Games, movies, cartoons, etc. Not VG Cats (and I know, what is?), but fun in its own, little way.

TODAY - This comic started to lose it's luster not soon after I posted the review, and kept going for a while.  I suppose it works out that the comic went on an extended, likely permanet, haitus as I was just about to remove it from my read list entirely.  At least there was an explination, better than a lot of comics out there.

75. One Liners - Snarky statements are what this comic is all about. Sometimes they're serious, usually they're not, and often they're damn funny. The one character, Shishio, reminds me of someone, see if you can guess who.

TODAY - Speaking of comics that vanish with no explination, this one is so gone as to have vanished from the face of the internet.  That's right, another MIA comic.  Shame, actually.  Oh, and the thing at the end of the review refers to a person on the forums I original posted this one.

Only one still on the read list, with two dead and one MIA.  At least it wasn't as bad as the last couple before this.

Anyway, I'm taking this Friday off.  The reason is very personal and I don't really have an idea for an article for this week anyway.  Well, I do, but I really don't know if I can finish it in time.  No matter, see you next week kiddies.

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