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Wild Webcomic Reviews 76 - 80

Hey, hope you didn't forget I was going to a once a week schedule.  I know I didn't, though it would be better if I actually returned to my full time job.  If I don't start back there by April, I'll go back to 2 times a week.  In the meantime, I've got 5 more old reviews to post.  Are you ready?  Here we go!

August 24, 2006

76. Parallel Dementia - Another dark and terrible comic that's far more epic in nature than you would expect. Expect violence, because there will be quite a bit. Don't let it turn you off, it's too good for that.

TODAY - Wow, has this comic come a long, LONG way.  Comparing the first pages to the more recent ones is like comparing two different comics.  It's still epic, and it's still dark, but it's probably one of the better comics I read.  He's currently on a hiatus as the most recent cross over with Emergency Exit has just wrapped up, but when he gets back, I expect more awesome things.  GO READ IT!

77. Porridge Cooling Darkly - He's on a mission. A mission for a perfect bowl of porridge. And his hat. It looks serious, but after a bit you'll come to understand that the seriousness is merely a mask. It's fun in that way.

TODAY - The date of this review is August 24, 2006.  The last update for this comic is August 13, 2006.  Can I pick dead comics or what?  Yeah, it's dead as a doornail, and that makes me sad as it was kind of interesting and fun.  Ah well.

78. Resident Dysentery - It's a Resident Evil parody. Not a half bad one either. Its fun, light, references a lot of things that I don't quite get (never played any of the games), but has all the standard zombie cliches. There's only one problem with it: the artist doesn't like Resident Evil 4. Yeah, he's one of those. Doesn't hurt the comic, honestly, and he may have changed his opinion after he did the strip, but it does make you think. Make sure you watch the flash intro films he did, those are fun.

TODAY - As I said in my previous Touching Base article, this comic is gone, vanished without a trace.  Initially I thought they just forgot to pay their bills, but now the site is completely MIA.  While the comic had the update frequency of a Presidential election in a Central American dictatorship, when it did update it was a fun read.  Of course, you probably won't ever know that because the comic is gone, long gone.

79. Strange Case - The description at the top of the page may be accurate, at some point in the future. So far, it isn't. Which isn't to say that's a bad thing. It's still good, interesting and, well, a touch violent. Even has a warning you'll see when you click the link. If it updated with any regularity (last update in June), I would say this is one to watch, but I don't even know if it'll be updated. If you hadn't noticed, I was in a dark, horror mood with this update, and this comic fills that role well.

TODAY - Another one that died RIGHT before I reviewed it, though this one was closer to a month earlier.  Yeah, it's dead, 27 strips in and it died.  Disappointing.

80. Zombie Commandos from Hell - Yet another comic about zombies, but not nearly as cute as Kristy Vs the Zombie Army, but potentially more bloody. I say potentially because, like most of the others, it's a very young comic. It's also very odd in that it needs flash to work, and is actually part of a proper comic book, shown one small strip a day. The news page does suggest he'll post a page a day, possibly, if people are interested, but he just put that up today, so I don't know when it'll happen. Is it good? Well, it is interesting looking, but so far there aren't any real characters. I'll keep you updated.

TODAY - This comic taught me that flash comic interfaces SUCK.  It also showed if you're going to do full page comics, POST THE FULL PAGE IN ONE GO!  I grew tired of it pretty quickly, and though I don't know for sure, I have a feeling it hasn't updated in a couple of years.

Well, that's pretty depressing, 4 dead/MIA comics.  At least there's Parallel Dementia.
Next week, Newspaper Comics #2.  See you then kiddies.

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