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Wild Webcomic Reviews 81 - 85

Wow, this week has been odd.  I lost my temp job, but interviewed for another, and I likely won't be returning to my full time job and, well, I've hit a bit of writers block on webcomic articles.  I mean, I can do a lot of Newspaper and Touching Base ones, but more generic articles are escaping me.  So for the moment, I'll stick to a weekly schedule until I get a second wind.  With that said, let's go through another batch of old reviews.

September 26, 2006

81. Zebra Girl - This is a story of a young woman who turns into a demon. Which wouldn't be so bad, I suppose, except she looks like a zebra (hence the name) and sweats acid. The flying, pyrokinesis, and demonic strength are all positives as far as I'm concerned. This comic is about how she deals with it and the misadventures she has because of it. This also means that it's a fairly dramatic comic, where it starts as a rather humorous comic. I kind of miss the humor, which isn't completely gone but fairly subdued, but the comic is good otherwise.

TODAY -  Still pretty dramatic, but updating is slow as mud.  And despite that, probably one of the best comics on the internet.  Oh, there are still a few out there that can and do beat it, but it remains a favorite read of mine.

 82. Count Your Sheep - This comic has a level of sweetness that could rot your teeth if you're not careful. It's also blue, for the most part, with a few dashes of purple. If you'll read it, you'll get it. It actually does something different in that it puts a bit of a twist on the old childhood imaginary friend shtick. Be aware that the early part of the archives are a bit of a mess. Oh, you'll get through them okay, but you won't always get just the strips for the comic. Incidentally, this is by the same guy who did No Room For Magic, but this one is superior to it in everyway, including updates.

TODAY -  Continues to be sweet and fun, and I anticipate it's updates everyday, though I don't often get them.  One of the better daily strips (when it is daily) out there and worth the time to read.

83. Gunnerkrigg Court - I wish I went to a school like this, simply for the chance to run into some of the weird things the comic's heroine does. The fact that she does so in such a calm way is, well, weird. No screaming fits, no panic, hardly even a sarcastic quip. It's not normal for webcomics, which probably gives this one something that you won't find elsewhere. It is worth reading if only for that.

TODAY - If Zebra Girl is one of the best comics, Gunnerkrigg Court is damn near the absolute best.  This comic is everything a good webcomic can and should be and deserves to be read.  WHY AREN'T YOU READING IT ALREADY?!

84. The Wotch - That's not a misspelling, it's actually spelled Wotch. This comic, well, appeals more to a certain mindset than others. Yes, it is funny, it has interesting stories, is well written, well drawn, and I actually enjoyed it, but it is aimed at a certain group. You'll get it pretty quickly, even if you just read the most current strip. It doesn't make it bad, nor is it as creepy as Jack was, but you'll notice it. If you can look past it, it's a damn good strip.

TODAY -  The Wotch ran out of a lot of steam recently, the stories toned down and seemed to lose their punch.  So much so that even the artist took a break from the comic, running a guest story that just wrapped up last week.  Hopefully this signals that the comic has gotten it's second wind and is ready for more wacky adventures.

85. Girly - Speaking of "certain mindsets," Girly fits in an oblong way. Lots of talk of sex in this strip kids. Not really for the younger crowd, and they don't really say the word, only lots of implying it by dancing through the fields (I'm not kidding). The point is that it's a fun, silly comic about the relationship of two people and those they've come across. Oh, and they're lesbians. Gee, I bet you're not reading this any more. I suppose I should have saved this strip for last. Oh well.

TODAY - This was originally a 6 comic update, that's why the last line sounds odd.  Girly is still one of those strips I enjoy reading, the story is reasonably original and manages to keep me hooked.  I think it might be winding down to a grand end, but it's hard to say for sure with this comic.  Ask me again in a couple months.

Well what do you know, all five not only still update, but I still read them too!  I like these updates, makes me feel good about my choices.

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