Friday, April 2, 2010

Touching Base #3

And back with another edition of Touching Base.  Starting with me.  I got surprised with another temp job on Tuesday.  I started Thursday.  I'd tell you how it went, but I'm writing this on Wednesday.  Looks like it's 40 hours, so I'll be sticking to the weekly schedule for a while. Good thing, I need time to generate some ideas for articles.  Only have a couple on hand at the moment and neither really "worked."

On to the comics!  At the top of the list is Gods and Undergrads which, as I mentioned last time, shifted it's entire archive to book form.  It also went black and white and, um, didn't really go anywhere.  I've decided to cease reading it.  One of the older strips on my read lists, I had to think carefully before pulling it, and it's time.  I've got enough comics that update far more frequently and are better than this one.

The Wotch is frighteningly quiet after the conclusion of it's guest story arc.  It's only been a month or so, which isn't terribly long compared to a lot of comics I read, but it makes me wonder if it is coming back.  Just have to keep my eyes peeled.

Charliehorse went on hiatus while Krazy Krow works on his new comic, Spinnerette.  I'm probably not going to review Spinnerette for a bit, but so far it has the same sense of humor as the rest of the Krakow group, though the main character comes off as far more innocent than I've seen before.  Nice change of pace.

Lowroad went on a hiatus.  No real reason given, but either he's switching to yet another storyline (it's on the third one now) or just needs a break from it all.  At least he said something.

Parallel Dementia is still on hiatus, though it sounds like he hopes to get back to it as soon as possible.  I hope so, I really like this comic.

Nobody Scores! is also on hiatus, blamed on idea burn out.  That's a lot of comic on hiatus.  I'm laying odds that one of them does not come back.

Count Your Sheep finally added another character, Squeak, er, Anthony.  Of course, for some reason it took far, FAR longer than it should have to crank it out.  The randomness of the strip's updates annoy me far more than it probably should.

And that's about it.  Next week will be another batch of old reviews and then probably another newspaper article.  Until then kiddies.

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