Friday, April 9, 2010

Wild Webcomic Reviews 86 - 90

Here's another batch of old reviews.  Slowly building up to comic 100, but still a couple updates behind.  Probably won't catch up completely for a while though, so let's go.

September 26, 2006

86. Schoolbooks and Brimstone - Another comic with someone turning into a demon? Am I crazy? Yeah, probably, but this one is far more lighthearted than Zebra Girl. It's also shorter, and apparently dead. Which is quite a shame honestly, as it could have been quite fun. The story doesn't even really get started before it stops. So sad when comics die prematurely.

TODAY -  The original site vanished, no idea where it went.  The version I have linked up there is different than the one I read the first time, so it might be worth the effort to read, but at the same time, it's just as dead.  Great idea, but no staying power.

October 3, 2006

87. Templar, Arizona - It starts with a man screaming the loveliest string of curses and insults over phone that I have ever seen, and then pulls out a sculpture of Jimmy Carter as a Greek god. After that things get weird. This comic is like something I would want to write. It's real in a way that isn't real, but manages to not make itself seem too serious despite being real but not real at the same time. Make sense? No? Just go read it, you might understand. Maybe.

TODAY - Still one of the odder comics on the net today, and yet it's still pretty good.  I kind of wish he would focus more on the original main character, but I think this comic is more about Templar, Arizona than any one character, and that makes it fun as well.

88. No Stereotypes - A man is cursed with immortality. Hey, that sounds familiar, I wonder if anyone here can relate to that . It has gods, magic, time travel, a purple cat with a big smile and a ziggurat, which doesn't exactly make it unique, but the elements all come together to form a strange combination that you really have to just read to enjoy. I know I do.

TODAY - The main site went belly up some time ago, and so the comic also vanished into the ether, but not quite as I did find a bit of the original still floating around at the link above.  But the comic is dead and most of the later chapters are gone.  A shame as I remember it being pretty enjoyable.

89. Gun Street Girl - No, your eyes don't deceive you, this comic is on the same site as No Stereotypes, but this is completely, totally different. There are guns and violence, magic and mystery, and another pair of lesbians. Shit, did it again. Well fuck, if you're going to wonder off every time I say that word, I'll just sing a little. Or not. This isn't a strip, and there are no long story arcs, just short little pieces written more like mini-comic books than anything else. So don't let the style turn you off, or you'll miss the fun.

TODAY - Vanished for a time when No Stereotypes did, but it has it's own site so you can still enjoy it.  I'm glad for that, but I haven't had the time or energy to flip through the rest of it (I think there's more than what I originally read, I'd basically have to start over at this point) or any of the other comics on the site.

90. Return to Sender - It has a concept, a mystery, and it follows it for a bit, then stops. The comic died something like 2 years ago, which is sad, as the very idea of it is just damn interesting. But since it dies, we never see it get much beyond damn interesting into good territory. Worth the read to see what could have been, if nothing else.

TODAY - Still dead, but at least you can still read it.

Two quasi MIAs in one update.  Bleh.  Next batch isn't much better I'm afraid.  Anyway, next week, another edition of Newspaper Comics, until then kiddies.

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