Friday, June 25, 2010

Wild Webcomic Reviews 101 - 105

Another batch of old reviews for you guys to read.  Honestly, I'm nearly out of new articles (have a couple more Newspaper ones, but you know, time).  I'm thinking of revamping the blog here to cover a much wider net than just webcomics.  But that won't be for a bit.  In the meantime, more reviews!

101. Out There - It reminds me of Road Waffles (which hasn't updated in forever), but with far less violence and insanity. In fact, there's nothing too, well, out there about the whole thing, it's a very grounded comic. It's also a kind of character play. Different personalities interacting, talking, and not much else. I find it most interesting that way. I think you will too.

TODAY -  The number of characters grew, but at the same time, it still boils down to long stretches of two characters talking about the life, universe and everything.  It's one of the better comics I read and continue to read to this day.  Go, read it, it's worth it.

102. Kitty Litter - This is about the most standard silly comic you can find. It's got everything you'd expect, talking animals, silly vampires, game playing geeks, zombies, death, etc, etc, etc. There's really nothing that special about it, except that the star is an evil genius cat, which reminds me of mine. Light humor, nothing special.

TODAY - I'm kind of embarrassed by this.  You see, one day the comic didn't update as usual, and that went on for a long time.  I figured it was dead.  Never did bother to read the message at the bottom of the strip that said they had moved (no redirect) so I just stopped reading it.  Whoops.  I haven't taken it back up because, um, no real reason actually.  Nothing wrong with it at all.

103. The God Machine - It's not a comic, but a rough draft for a comic. Heck, it's posted in devian art, so that should give you some clue. It is very artistic in style, even if it is just a rough layout for a comic book. It's kind of neat to see the process, if not the finished project. Kind of a neat story too, so worth the time.

TODAY - I wasn't kidding about it being a rough draft, because I do believe it got published.  I can only say that because it ground to a halt while she  was working on the final versions and I just sort of drifted away from it.  No big, it's likely still worth a read.

104. Least I Could Do - It's a comic about sex. Actually, mostly sex jokes, with lots of references to the act (the main character is wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of guy). The jokes can be very funny (certian storylines remind me of a certian someone and his niece actually), but the comic really only has the one joke to play on, so it gets old pretty quick. You might enjoy it more than I.

TODAY - I haven't kept up with it, but it still looks about the same (though it did settle on an artist from the looks).  Pretty popular strip I hear.

105. Death Piglet - A picture is worth a thousand words, and it had better be since this comic hardly uses any words at all. Which makes it very funny. Cute little characters doing horrible things is always funny. Watch as the cute little pig summons Cuthulu. Isn't it horribly cute? Yes, yes it is.

TODAY - Fun while it lasted, then it ground to a damn near halt.  Even the site says "Updates without warning."  Which means I don't bother checking it daily.

Not bad actually.  Oh sure, I only regularly read one of these comics, but only one is basically dead, so things are looking up from last time.  More new stuff next week, I hope.  Next time kiddies.

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