Friday, June 11, 2010

Wild Webcomic Reviews 96 - 100

Time for some more old reviews, and it's the last of the first hundred.  HOORAY!  That might mean I'll get fewer dead strips, right?


October 29, 2006

96. Metrophor - It's a fantasy comic I saw linked via Errant Story. It's not a snarky fantasy story, however, nor is it one of those pretentious ones. It's good, interesting, fun and well paced, which is better than I can say for most comics of the genre. The art is great, the writing is good and it just seems to be an all around good comic. I recommend it to just about everyone except the little kiddies.

TODAY - Dead.  Artist had some wrist problems and, well, that was it.  End of strip.  Just as the action was starting to crank up to.

97. Mad about U. - Don't let the title fool you, this isn't about that stupid sitcom. It's about science, mad science. Where they read from physics books at comedy clubs. Yeah, that. It's funny, it is. It's also the only comic that actually decorates the area around the comic to be, well, interesting. It looks like a drive-in, and that just adds a certain touch of class to the whole strip. It also has nice explosions.

TODAY - Also dead.  Dead as a damn doornail.  At least Metrophor had an explanation, nothing for this comic.

98. Edge the Devilhunter - It's Underpower only with fewer characters and more updates. It also doesn't ramble nearly as much. It's got a hip hop theme in it, it's about life on the streets, you know? But it's also about the future, heaven and hell, and superpowers. It all comes together to be this neat comic that I think I'll be reading for a long time to come.

TODAY - Not quite dead, but damn does it update once a blue moon or something.  I'm starting to rethink my deceleration of reading it for a long time.

99. Candi - Yet another college comic. It's less weird than most (there's a ferret who flys, but that's about it for the supernatrual stuff), and features an art student. Beyond that, it's all relationships and whatnot. It's chick comic, if such a thing exists. Hope that helps you figure out how to react to it.

TODAY - I stopped reading it after a few months, didn't really appeal to me any more.  It's still updating, so that makes it a world better than the rest of these strips.

100. Dungeon Crawl Inc. - I haven't read a comic this bad since Earthbeta. It's not as bad as Earthbeta (nothing is as bad as Earthbeta) but it sure as hell tries. The characters are terrible, the dialog is awful, the art, when they use art, is horrendous, and don't let me get into the first quarter of the strip when they use video game screenshots to move the story along, I'll probably commit suicide. If I never have to read this comic again, it'll be too soon. Avoid.

TODAY - Discovered a worse comic than Earthbeta, but that's another story.  Anyway, I THINK it still updates, but it's hard to tell, and I really don't care either.  It just wasn't that interesting then and I still don't care about it.

And so the first 100 are done.  Go me!  See you next time kiddies.

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