Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Wild Webcomic Review


Yes, that's right, I got a new batch of reviews for you guys.  It's only been, um, five months.  That's actually a bit ahead of my normal curve, actually.  So, let's get started, shall we?

206.  Romantically Apocalyptic - Welcome to the end of the world!  Hope you don't go mad, though if you do, at least have fun with it.  This is a bizarrely beautiful, funny, and twisted comic that should be read just because.  That said, there are only 24 strips as of this writing, so it's kind of short, but each strip feels positively epic in scale.  Apparently they're trying to do a live action movie/short thing based on this, I don't know how to feel about that, but I do know the comic is something that cannot and should not be missed.  Go, read it!

207.  Spinnerette - I mentioned this comic in my article, Wither the Superhero but have held off reviewing it until it had more than a few strips under it's belt.  It's part of the Krakow family of comics that includes Krakow, Krakow 2.0, Marilith and Charliehorse, and if you've read any of those, you kind of know what to expect, but not quite.  It's better than any of them, I think, except maybe Krakow 2.0 at it's peak, and 2.0 did not have the best writing.  Spinnerette is well written, funny, lighthearted and almost perfectly satirical of the entire superhero genre and idea.  Now will it maintain that, we'll have to wait and see, but as long as he can hold on to ONE artist, I think it's got a good chance.

208.  Totally Crossover -  From the creator of Totally Kotor comes another comic about video games.  This one covers a lot more territory, picking on every game of the current year, from Mass Effect to Iron Man, the comic throws the various characters and locations around giving them a touch of TK's madness and letting them fly.  There's also a complete branch that is basically like every other geek or videogame comic on the web today.  At least it's funny, unlike some comics I can think of (still not linking).  It's light, goofy fun, and if you like Totally Kotor, then you'll like this one.  And better yet, NO FLASH!  Woo!

209.  Gypsy! - The main character of this comic, it's namesake and possibly richest character on the planet, is currently non-responsive and sits there like a lump of nothingness.  Thus the comic is all about everything happening around her as she's dragged form one location to another by her reluctant doctor.  I enjoy this comic, a lot.  It's fun, creative, a bit manic, but not completely mad at the same time.  Just go read it already, I think you'll thank me later.

210.  Bug - And we're back to comic roots.  Here's your basic, daily webcomic strip.  It's full of silly jokes, some geeky references, and just a bit of fun.  It really doesn't stand out in any particular way compared to, well, every other comic I read, and that probably makes it unique in this regard.  It's mindless fun that would be just at home in the newspaper as it is on the internet, and I think I'll be following it for a while.

Well folks, that's it.  Now to enjoy summer.

Until next week.  Yeah, I'll have something next week.  See you then.

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