Friday, August 27, 2010

Wild Webcomic Review 111 - 115

Back for another batch of old reviews.  Hope you don't mind.

January 22, 2007 

111.  The Adventures of Dr. McNinja - Holy crap is this a funny comic. The concept is ridiculous, but the execution is so spot on that you can't help but crack up into fits of laughter. Everything is well done, and it is about as damn perfect as you can get. Why have I not read this comic sooner? WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS WRONG WITH ME? Or you for that matter? HAVEN'T YOU CLICKED THE LINK BY NOW?!

TODAY - Still one of the most awesome comics on the net today.  NOW IN COLOR!  Go read this comic.  GO READ IT NOW!

112. Return to Eden - Sometimes you just have to take a chance on a comic, and this one needs it, especially give the massive warning set right at the beginning of the the archive. I imagine if you don't think you'll enjoy it because of that, you'll be wrong. Yeah, it's a little mangany (sometimes a little too much) but it does have an interesting perspective on Heaven and Hell and love and all that crap. Oh, and a bit of action, but not much, so far. If you're willing to go with the flow despite the warning, maybe. If not, well then you probably won't even bother to try. Mores the pitty.

TODAY - The story is on it's last chapter, and it's actually pretty exciting.  Oh, it's not action exciting, but "oh shit, the world is ending" exciting.  The warning at the beginning of the comic was, in the end, probably unnecessary.  Aside from some of the earliest stuff, almost nothing happened later on that required such a warning.

113. Hector! - I like where this comic is going, but figuring out how it got to where it is right now has been an issue. The backstory is, well, limited. That's not a bad thing (and I think it finally explained it, I just didn't get it all). The art style is pretty damn neat, (even when they switch artists and character sets after the first book), the humor is okay, and it might have a more interesting story as the thing goes along (not that it's not interesting, mind you, just I think it'll get deeper). I'll be watching this one for a bit, I think.

TODAY - Died shortly after this review, and I don't think it'll be coming back.  I heard somewhere that maybe it moved from the site I found it on, but I see no sign of it.  In retrospect, I don't think I'm as impressed with it as I had been, but that may be because it doesn't update.

114. Mango in Dreamland - This comic is probably too young to strictly judge, but it is strange and very, well, Japanese cutesy, if you get the meaning. Bad? Good? Hard to say. Odd, I think would be a good start, considering the main character has magical Kirby powers (the game Kirby), but hasn't even begun to explain why or how this came to be. I'll give you a better judgement after I read it for a bit longer.

TODAY - Died, and a shame too because it was pretty good in the end.  Real life, though is always more important than a comic.

115. Gone with the Blastwave - It's like Red vs Blue, only far more violent. They drop a tank on someone for pete's sake! And it was very funny. Oh so very damn funny. Welcome to the end of the world, now go read it.

TODAY - I would love this comic more if it updated more than once every 5 months (okay, it's on a monthly schedule now, apparently).  Long periods between updates make it almost intolerable.  At least it still updates.

Well, that's enough for this week, see you next time kiddies.

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