Friday, September 3, 2010

Great Names

I would have to say that the first thing that gets me interested in reading a comic is the title.  That's because it's often the first thing I see, and so do many others.  A simple forum post with the poster saying I have to read this comic, and then giving me the name and link can spell the difference between me actually reading it, and skipping it.

Now I could go into what makes a good name for a comic, but, um, I've been trying to figure that out since March.  Not much luck.  So instead, I'll talk about my favorite comic titles, numbered but in no particular order.

1.  Kristy Versus the Zombie Army - Whenever I think of a great title for a comic, I always come back to Kristy.  Maybe it's the Army of Darkness lover in me, but the very idea of this title thrills me to no end.  One person verses an entire army is awesome, but one against an army of zombies?  That is EPIC.  Sadly, the comic is on extended (and likely permanent) hiatus, but the title still rules.

2.  Cleopatra in SPAAAACE! - I'm a bit of a history buff, so "Cleopatra" automatically makes me interested in this comic.  The fact that she is in space makes it even more exciting.  But the fact that there are FOUR A's in "space" make this title absolutely epic.  You just know this is going to be awesome, so much so they needed extra letters to express it.  It also reveals that this comic won't ever take itself too seriously, and that can be a big plus.

4.  The Adventures of Dr. McNinja - He's a doctor.  He's a ninja.  He's Irish.  These are his adventures.  The fact that the comic is at least as awesome as the title makes it even better.  I don't think anyone could ever have come up with it outside of the forum where it was created in a sea of names with numbers in it.  That takes a level of creativity you don't see very often, and of course, the comic shows it constantly.

5.  Nobody Scores! - The entire premise of this comic is summed up in these two words and a bit of punctuation.  Seeing such a title compels one to see what exactly it means, and the realization that it means exactly what it says.  So few comics can so concisely define themselves, and even fewer can do it in the title.  Damn funny comic too.

6.  Here There Be Robots - On old maps they used to write "here there be dragons" for regions of the world where no one had gone before.  Robots would have been odd to see on those old maps, but they still fit.  The play on the old phrase here draws you to it, but it's abhorrently long update periods ruin the fun.

7.  Blip - One word, and that word is something that shows up and goes away again.  Or sticks around and cannot be easily accounted for.  Either way, that word makes me go "damn, wish I thought of that title."  Simple, elegant, and attractive.  Plus it's easy to write and thus needs no abbreviation.

8.  Anne Frank Conquers the Moon Nazis - Yeah, you read that right.  Nazi's, the moon and Anne Frank.  If the comic wasn't dead, I'd be checking it constantly to see if it was updated JUST for the title.  The comic itself (what there is of it) is great, but lacks the moon Nazis of the title.  Disappointing, I know, but at least you get the title.

9.  Teddy Bear Trauma - Not the teddy bear!  Cute things being tortured in horrible ways always attracts, especially from people who love cute things (no one knows why. . ).  Teddy Bear Trauma does not disappoint on this end, and the title is what really drew me to it.

10.  Jet Packs and Time Machines - Mixing the two is like mixing peanut butter and chocolate:  Only good things can happen.  At least until they try making other styles besides regular Resses (white chocolate?  Seriously?).  The combo is great here, but sadly it updates once every 6 months or so, but the title sounds great and what there is of the comic is equally awesome.

So that's just a few of my favorite titles.  One day I'll try to define why they're so damn good, but right now, let's just go with these are them.  Until next time kiddies.

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