Friday, March 23, 2012

Post Hangover Wild Webcomic Review

Oh, it is the greatest mix up that you have ever seen, my father he was orange and my mother she was. . .


Yes, that's right, a new batch of reviews. Have you been missing them?  I know I have.  So what do I have for you?  Well, let's take a look.

226.  Skullkickers - With a title like that, you would expect a comic full of action and violence.  And you'd be right.  Skullkickers isn't really much more than that either, but it does it very, VERY well.  Most of the comics I review are side projects, either by students or actual artists trying to stretch their muscles.  This comic is a professional comic up and down.  It updates on time (since the beginning of the year) has multiple people working on it (an artist, a line artist, a colorer, a letterer!) and is just a very slick creation.  It's good, very good.  It's completely worth reading at this point and likely will remain so for the foreseeable future.  I highly recommend this and will be following it for a while.

227.  Makeshift Miracle - I didn't notice this at first, but now looking at it, Makeshift Miracle and Skullkickers share something in common:  The same creator, Jim Zub.  AKA:  Same level of quality, though not the same artwork or story.  If I didn't see the name on the comic, I wouldn't have noticed they were so similar.  Makeshift Miracle actually feels like a manga, which I don't read so that should say something.  It's quiet though, more internal than the visceral Skullkickers.  There's also a genuine mystery here and one I'm actually interested in seeing resolved.

228.  Anhedonia Blue - I debated with myself whether I should even bother reviewing this comic, as it's been dead since last year, and even then there wasn't much to it.  There is another comic by the same artist (I think) out there, and I may do that one later, but I'm pull comics from my future read lists, and this was one.  Alright, for what little is there, is it good?  Well, it's not bad, but it could be better. It's the classic "supernatural powers suddenly manifest" type stories, and it starts off well enough, but then slips down a bit.  Then the zombies show up, but they're not standard zombies. About that time, it starts getting interesting, and then stops.  I think the problem is direction, as in there really wasn't much to it start with, and it seemed kind of aimless.  Maybe there was a plan, but once it got to a point where the plan should come out, it stopped, so I don't know for sure.  Probably not worth the very small amount of effort to read, but if you want to see a comic aborted at an early stage, this would be a good example.

229.  Twilight Lady - Where Anhedonia Blue tried to do the secret supernatural power thing but stalled out, Twilight Lady pulls it off well.  Of course, it also has gone out of it's way to annoy me, for the button that says "first" does NOT take you to the first page of the comic, just of the current story.  Imagine my annoyance when I sat to write this review and discovered I had missed 90% of the comic.  The worst part?  The rest of the comic actually lowered my appreciation for the strip as well.  Not because I had to read it all, but because, well, it's not as good as the most current story (The Indwellers).  I think I'll need a whole article to go into detail why, but I suspect if I had read this comic from the very beginning, I wouldn't have liked it as much.  I will recommend the most current chapter, but only read the rest of the comic if you REALLY want to know what the backstory.

230.  Out at Home - And now for a comic that has nothing to do, at all, with the other comics.  This is a pure daily gag strip.  It would be just as much at home in the newspapers as on the web, though it would likely lose a bit of it's edge if it did.  It features a goofy, but well intentioned dad (who is also a filthy rich former baseball player), his two kids, their friends and a variety of wild hijinks.  It could almost be like a wacky animated sitcom on Fox (who would cancel it after a season, because that's what Fox does).  After the rather dark Twilight Lady, it was nice and refreshing, and I think will sit on my read list for some time to come.

Well, that's enough for this week.  If you missed it, Errant Story ended this week, so next week, retrospective time!  Until then kiddies.

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