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Wild Webcomic Reviews 160 - 164

Well, I was working on an article, but it's taking time, and this week I have to read and review Friends With Boys since it's going to full print next week.  So instead, old review time!

October 05, 2008

160. Head Trip - If you saw the thread about Twilight in the Media board (comment from the forum I originally posted this in), the comics I linked there came from this one (she's got a deviantart site as well). It's a fun little comic with geek humor and implied violence (never in panel). There's no overall story arc, but there is a subcomic within it that has a story (non-traditional superheroes would be the best way to describe it). The archives get a little spastic at one point, so have fun navigating it, but it's worth a quick look anyway.

TODAY - The "non-traditional superhero" storyline is still appears once in a while, and got reasonably darker.  The regular comics are just as oddly random as they originally were, and I still enjoy it.

161. Heart Shaped Skull - Remember Edwitch? Same kind of comic, only done a bit better. The main character is almost identical to the one in Edwitch, except that she's probably both more powerful and more socially isolated (by fear more than anything else). The art is actually better too, though more gothy. About the only thing that bugs me is that half the archives are unavailable because it's also a print comic collection (aka: you have to buy it). Doesn't mean you need them, it's easy enough to get into without them. I like it a lot more than I think I should. Doesn't matter. BTW, another with archive issues: Hitting the first page button takes you to the first page of the current chapter, so click "archive" instead and follow the dates for the actual archive. The fact that I didn't do this the first time through and didn't feel lost is a credit to the comic.

TODAY - The missing chapters were posted on the site, and they are excellent.  The whole comic, in fact, remains really, really good, and is completely worth a read through.  Go and read it already.

162. Blip - Ever think God is out to get you? What if He was, only you didn't know it? This is a comic about a young woman who is in that boat. K (her name) is a mistake, a blip on the radar of existance, and the only solution is to keep her down and out. Of course, her friends want her happy, the Devil wants her to cause the end of the world, and she just wants her dog to stop shitting on the floor. I'm kind of afraid she might learn about what's going on, because I think it would ruin it, but 100 strips in and it hasn't happened yet, so maybe things will go alright. We'll see.

TODAY - Injury has stalled this comic at the moment, but it still remains one of my favorite strips.  There are now over 1000 strips compared to the 100 I based the original review on, and the comic has not disappointed, and in fact even got better as time went on.  Hope the artist heals soon so we can have more of this comic.

163. Truck Bearing Kibble - It wants to be Perry Bible Fellowship. It DESPERATELY wants to be PBF. It has the elements: The great art, the weird concepts, the off beat jokes. Does it do it? Eh, not quite. There's a spark missing. It's not bad, by any means, but it isn't PBF. Of course considering PBF isn't updating much, if at all, it might be a decent replacement.

TODAY - Dead, has been for some time.  Worth a quick read through, but that's about it.

164. Our Time in Eden - I always manage to find these long, novel comics when they're very young (9th Elsewhere, Broken Mirror) and they all seem very good, and then something happens. Usually they just stop updating. I'm hoping this one doesn't suffer the same fate, as it is very interesting so far. Not actiony in any sense, but one of those that tries, and so far does a decent job, to be introspective to the characters. The first couple of chapters are pretty good so far, but it's another wait-and-see comic. Especially to see if it continues to update.

TODAY - Just discovered that this comic is updating regularly again after a hiatus, so I have to go back and catch up on it.  I like that feeling.

All for this week.  Next week, hopefully, I'll have a special review up.  Until then kiddies.

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