Friday, April 27, 2012

Crowning Moments

TV Tropes has an entire page dedicated to the concept of the "crowning moment."  This is the moment where a character or series or, well anything, reaches the pinnacle of greatness in some field or another, and you never forget it.

Webcomics have them too, all the time in fact.  This brings me to Aptitude Test, a weekly comic that I for some reason keep on the T-Th rotation.  Should change that.  Anyway, the comic's most recent chapters have partially revolved around Rina's campaign for class president.  It is a highly unconventional campaign, with no real goal besides, as she says it right before the debate, talk and don't stop.

Really, though, Rina never wanted to win.  She just didn't want her rival, Cheryl, to win.  Thus why she developed a plan, a plan named Angela.  Bookworm Angela is smart, quiet, insightful and a secret superhero, and probably the best suited to be class president.  Rina convinces Angela to run, but how that works out isn't revealed until the debate.

Where she declared she wanted a moon colony.  Ah Newt Gingrich, your campaign will never be forgotten now (even if the rest of the public already has forgotten it).  Things came to a head with one strip, this one in fact.  The next two show the last steps of Rina's plan:  To use Cheryl's own personality against her, while at the same time propping Angela up.  Rina's counter questioning of Cheryl's accusation against her practically burned Cheryl's campaign in the water.  It was a great moment, a crowning moment for Rina, showing how skilled she is at manipulating others, especially those she doesn't like.

It ends with Cheryl claiming clam, bookworm Angela is as crazy as Rina, and with that, she basically lost the election.  A great moment in the comic, a great moment for Rina.  Of course, the next couple strips show that Rina is not invulnerable, if perhaps a bit ignorant of the things she says.  But that's another story.

Good crowning moments can make a comic more than just good, but they are very rare.  Off the top of my head I can think of Tagon in Schlock Mercenary giving his life to save his people, and Meji's speech at the end of Errant Story as being about the same, but I can't really pick them out myself.  Honestly, just go check TV Trope's page on Crowning Moments of Awesome for more.  There are a LOT of them.

Until next time kiddies.

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