Friday, May 4, 2012

Read These Dead Comics

With the end of Errant Story, I began thinking of all the other comics that have ended or died that deserve to be read despite that.  I'll leave Errant Story off this list for now, but that should be read too.  This list is presented in no specific order, but here are 10 comics you should read.  I should note these are all comics that ended themselves, not "death by hiatus" or something.  I'll do those comics some other time.

Parking Lot is Full - The first comic I read on the internet, and still one of my favorites.  I really should reread it myself some time.

Miracle of Science - I was recently asked by someone to recommend some comics, and this was on the list, and turned out to be the first one he read.  He loved it.  This comic is probably one of the best flat out sci-fi comics you will read, with interesting, well built characters, amazing environments, and a great story.  If you haven't read it by now, go do it!

Marsh Rocket - This is a pretty good comic, with a unique art style (mostly in coloring) that has some great action and moments.  Including hedge trimmers.

Minus - There something like 4 comics on Kiwi By Beat, but Minus was the first I read, and probably the most fun and interesting.  What if a little girl could actually make what she imagined happen?  That's this comic in a nutshell.

8-Bit Theater - The long joke is pretty obvious now, but how it gets there is one of the weirdest rides you'll find in the king of the sprite comics.  Lots of jokes, but it might get stale in large doses.

Bruno - Bruno is a weird comic, currently in reruns.  Don't expect the normal multiple panel structure, or any normal progression of stories.  Can be off putting.  If you read it, read up to the sequence with the circus people at least, then you'll know if you like the comic at all.

Leisuretown - I have yet to see another comic done like this, and there likely won't be.  It's weird, wild, and fun.  The highlight is the chapter Q.A. Confidential, so read that at least.

Terror Island - Okay, this is KIND of similar to Liesuretown, but not quite.  This is just a silly, fun comic and worth reading.

Shadowgirls - If you want to read a superhero comic crossed with Lovecraftian horror, go no further.  At least read through the first full book, as the second one will likely remain unfinished, and is unnecessary in the long run.

Demonology 101 - The original comic by Faith Erin Hicks is one of my favorite comics, and if you plan on reading any of her current works, from Friends with Boys to Superhero Girl, you should read it to understand where her writing has come from.

I really think these comics deserve to be read, so go read them already!

Until next time kiddies.

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