Friday, May 11, 2012

Touching Base #10

Well, time for another edition of Touching Base, which means I don't have any ideas for an article and haven't done any reviews.  Joy.

Alright, let's start with the bad stuff first.  Road Waffles hasn't updated in a while, which is kind of a pattern for Eight.  I'll give it a few more months before I start shuffling it off to the hiatus folder.  Nobody Scores! has the same issue, months without an update.  Kind of annoying as I enjoy both comics and want them to keep going.

Elsie Hooper has also been dead, and it's going in the dead bin.  No point wasting time with it any more.  Bunny has also not updated in a while, along with story comic White Noise, Angels 2200 and Contemplating Reiko.  No idea what's going on with any of these comics.  I fear the worst, especially for Angels 2200 which was originally put on hiatus due to personal problems.

The worst news however is Emergency Exit which is on a long term hold.  The artist has finally been given a diagnosis on what the problem is, and with will hopefully get better.  That said, NJ has decided to focus on ANOTHER project rather than EE for the time being.  Reading the explanation I have to agree that the direction of the comic needed some reworking, and a break might be for the best.  Not sure if the comic is coming back though, or if it does, when.  Could be a LONG while.

The Meek is still on hiatus, but that's not bad as the artist is getting PAID to do other work.  I'm fine with that.  Footloose is also on hiatus until summer, can't wait for that to restart.  Return to Eden creator Miru is having to hold off on the next project due to graduation issues.  Once it gets started, I'll let you know.

Blip has been updating sporadically, but it HAS updated.  Now if only they can fix that date timer.  And last but not least, City of Reality and the Wotch are both on a brief break, probably to build up buffers.  Can't wait to see both get going again.

So is there any good news?  Well yes, Punch n' Pie is back and updating again.  It's twice a week now with a "pin up" on Fridays.  Glad to see it back.  Weapon Brown's brief break was indeed brief an the Blockhead is back in action.  Gypsy! has also reappeared.  Whatever the issue was, it's been resolved and the comic is back to it's quirky nature.

And that's about it this week.  Not sure what I'm doing next week, as I'll be working again, it's seasonal and part time so it won't eat that much time.  Anyway, until next time kiddies.

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