Friday, March 1, 2013

Touching Base #12

You know the good part about a long series of articles?  I can write them well in advance and can spend time doing other things.  The bad part is eventually the run out and I have to start doing weekly things again.  Like this.

First of all, the Newspaper List is now up and functional.  The only strip I'm having issues with is Buckles, whose official site doesn't seem to update, like at all.  At the moment I won't bother looking for it, but it is annoying.  Anyway, the current list will likely be added to over time and gives me a bit of a guide for the Newspaper Reviews in the future.

Alright, let's cover the bad news first.  Lots of comics are being shuffled off to a new version of the hiatus folder because, damn, I can't see myself dumping them in dead just yet.  Blip hasn't updated since August of last year (even if the date stamp says Aug 2011).  Not sure what's going on there, but there were a number of site issues then any updates from the artist stopped.  Bunny is also non-responsive, both of which are quite sad.

Elise Hooper's on again, off again updates continues to bother me.  If it wasn't so damn close to the end, I would have dumped it long ago.  For now, to hiatus with you.

Only three comics are going into the Hiatus folder because they're on Hiatus.  Cleopatra in SPAAACE! is being delayed while the artist works on a graphic novel project.  Money and eating is more important than a webcomic.  This is also the reason The Adventures of Superhero Girl hasn't been update, though there is a hardcover version of the book now available, might actually have to buy that if I can steal some money. . .

And then there's Does Not Play Well With Others.  Michael Poe has had a miserable couple of years.  First his father's death (and apparent complications with the estate), then his wife nearly dies, and now he's had his own encounter with severe medical issues.  The fact that he can't seem to find the spark he needs to keep Does Not going is not that surprising.  Still, he does intend to get back to it, but I can understand why he isn't right away.

On the more positive side, while Does Not is on hiatus, Poe has amped up Errant Story to a daily strip (been that way since the first of the year, actually) so it'll be in the Daily slot for now.  The insights into the construction of the comic have been very informative.

Hari-Sari, after nearly a 9 month hiatus, is back in action.  Not sure why there was a long delay, though I'm fairly sure it was something personal, but it's back.  It's also moving to Smack Jeeves for archiving and such.  Can't wait to see where it goes.  And sense it's updating regularly again, it'll be moving to the T-Th-S folder.

Also returning to updates is Makeshift Miracle.  I'm still more impressed with it's partner comic, Skullkickers (which just finished it's first plot line and is now doing guest strips), but it's still a very dreamy and interesting comic.  I'll be following it for a while.

Speaking of which, Skullkickers, due to work load, is moving to a 3 day a week schedule.  I'm putting it in T-Th-S folder mostly because it's feeling a bit empty.

The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon is also back from their holiday break (okay, it was like 3 weeks ago at this point).  With the completion of the original plot line, I'm curious where this comic is going to go now.  There was some hints about dealing with his parent's past, so that might be the main focus, but only hints.  We'll see where it goes.

Cyanide and Happiness's creators have started a Kickstarter to resurrect their animated short series by the same name.  If you've never watched any of them, go take a peak.  Same kind of humor, so don't expect any miracles.  I wish them luck.

Speaking of Kickstarters, Dresden Codak's first book, The Tomorrow Girl, is also getting a Kickstarter to get it going.  I'm not sure I understand the point, a lot of comics get print editions and don't need a Kickstarter for them.  Originally, I thought it was just a printing, and was kind of excited, now I'm just confused.  Which is a lot like Dresden Codak in the first place.

Weapon Brown has shifted to a daily replay of the entire series, so if you love the comic (like I do) now is the time to be reading it to experience it all over again.  At the same time, the books and preorders for it are all over the place, so keep tabs on it.  In the meantime, it'll be shifted over to the Daily folder.  Oh, and on Friday, a NOT Weapon Brown comic appears on the Deep Fried site.  Dark humor abounds.

Sorcery 101's main site has undergone a rather massive revamp (middle of THIS week).  Given that there has always been a variety of shorter comics, along with Sorcery 101 itself, on the site, this does make it a bit easier to navigate them, but it makes it harder to get to main comic, with no less than 3 clicks from the main site to get there.  As such, I'll be changing the link to directly connect with the main strip.

Finally, Templar, Arizona is now in color.  Yeah, it took me by surprise too.  No exact reason given, but the colors look good, so it makes this odd comic worth reading that much more.  But it doesn't update as much as it used to, so I'm shipping it off to the Weekly folder.

And that's about it kiddies.  Next week, um, something.  I'll figure it out.  Until then.

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