Friday, January 3, 2014

Can't Live Without 2014 Edition

Dear god, I've done this blog long enough to have a bi-yearly series.  Neat!  Anyway, I figure I should only do this every 2 years because, well, I don't add that many comics to my list in a single year, and some changes are pretty stark.  As a reminder, this list is presented in no particular order as it doesn't represent a "best of" list, it's just a list of comics that I want to read forever if possible.

1.  Sluggy Freelance - I spent a good chunk of this year talking about Sluggy, so is it really any surprise this is on the list?  Sluggy has really drawn me back into it and knowing that it will end at some point has me pulled in even further, hope Abrams can live up to it.

2.  Schlock Mercenary - How many times have I called this the best overall comic on the internet at this point?  I think I've lost count.  That's why it's here.

3.  Gunnerkrigg Court - Speaking of best comics, this comic is certainly up there.  Why haven't you read it by now?

4.  Spinnerette - There's something freeing about a comic that just goes with a genre.  The superhero genre itself has been in desperate need of it for a long time and Spinnerette fills that need.  It's the comic the industry needs, and so do I.

5.  Gaia - This comic has really grown on me since I started it.  The imaginative world, the limited yet already hinting at epic story, and the great art have elevated it up to a level that Gunnerkrigg Court and Errant Story once dominated.  Hell, it's practically a full on successor to Errant Story at this point.

6.  Derelict - My original review of this comic can be summed up with the word "wow."  It is damn near everything I look for in a comic (I prefer a bit more humor generally).  It has mystery, well used art, story telling without TELLING and is just plain awesome.  I hope it keeps going for a long time.

7.  City of Reality - There still isn't really anything like this comic out there.  It plays with so many ideas, but at it's core is understanding and that makes it one of the most positive comics online today.  Sure, dark things happen, but there is so much optimism in it, it's used as a fuel source (literally, in the comic universe).  While the artist has been torn between multiple projects (including doing the art for The Wotch), whenever he returns to CoR, I know it'll be awesome.

8.  The Non-Adventures of Wonderella - Sometimes I just have to have a dose of laughter.  Once this was filled by Nobody Scores!, now, since that comic dead as a doornail, Wonderella is here to the rescue, or whatever.  Seriously I have gotten more chuckles out of this comic as time has gone by than I should reasonably.  I need something to laugh at and with, and this is the best that I have right now.

9.   Between Failures - I haven't been in a good place the last few years, not the least of it being the lack of a steady job.  Between Failures, for some reason, rings well with me, and eases some of the issues I've had in my life.  It reflects the state I've found myself in and I can't help but enjoy reading it.  It's not perfect, but it's also not outlandish and seems to understand that even small scale can be interesting without being melodramatic (for the most part).

10.   Sunstone (NSFW) - Okay, I know what you're thinking, but seriously no, that's not why it's here.  It doesn't HURT it, that's for damn sure.  The comic is just fucking gorgeous, of course, but the story is a well done tale of romance that I guess I'm just a sucker for.  I can't help but enjoy it, even if it is stuck on deviant art.  Get a real website already!

My  Honorable Mentions go to two comics that I want to keep reading, and CAN, but only because they're in reruns, Errant Story and Weapon Brown.  I love the idea of reruns of comics, though I can see why they aren't done very often.  And if you compare this list to the last one, a lot has changed, sometimes because a comic simply up and dies (Blip) or because I've decided I like something else better (The Adventures of Dr. McNinja).  Nice thing about doing these every couple of years, my tastes can change rather dramatically.

There is one other comic that almost made this list, but for one very important reason I couldn't put it here.  I'll talk about it next week, until then kiddies. 

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