Friday, April 25, 2014

51 (kind of) Comics

So I guess there's an award for webcomics out there from the Eisner Awards, which is fine but the winners are, um, not exactly comics I read generally.  In fact, this years nominations for "Best Digital/Webcomic" includes exactly one comic I have heard of, The Oatmeal.  Okay, it's fun and all, but there's more out there than that.

Laura Davis over on iO9 agrees, and wrote out a list of 51 comics she thinks should be nominated for the awards.  And then they added 5 more due to comments on the article.  So it's really 56 but who's counting but me?

Anyway, this is actually a damn good list.  Of the 51 original comics (never heard of any of the additional 5), I've read or heard of 20 of them.  Which is a lot considering how many webcomics are out there (dear GOD there are a lot of them).  So which ones were on there and do I agree?  Allow me in the order Laura posted them:

1. Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell - Yup.  It's the reason I started my Quasi-Awards article series when it didn't win ANYTHING in Webcomic List Awards.  Totally deserving.  Next.

2. Dresden Codak by Aaron Diaz - Artwise, yes, it could be nominated.  Storywise, I'm a little less sure.  I wouldn't be against it being nominated, but not sure I'm totally for it either.

5. Achewood by Chris Onstad - Oh Achewood.  It's apparently updating again, and a few years ago I would have agreed wholeheartedly, nowadays, not so sure.  Mostly because I don't read it any more.

6. Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto - I won't say no, but it's a pretty generic comic all things considered.  It's better than average across the board, so nothing to knock, but against some of the other comics here, it's just okay.

10. Dumbing of Age by David Willis - Same as above really.

18. Ménage à 3 by Gisèle Lagacé and David Lumsdon (NSFW) - Um, no.  Just no.  I mean, I read it, yeah, but it's not really award worthy.  It's not up with the rest of these comics.

21. Strong Female Protagonist by Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag - I can see this one actually getting a nomination before too long because of the super hero roots, not that I think it can really compete with some of these, but I can see it pulling it off.

23. Templar, Arizona by Spike Trotman - If he just updates the damn thing, then yes.

24. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja by Christopher Hastings - Yes, this is a great comic as a whole and most definitely worthy.

35. Derelict by Ben Fleuter - Yes yes yes yes yes!  Though I wonder if my love of this comic had something to do with it. . .

43. Gaia by Oliver Knörzer - Again, a big yes from me for all the reasons that can be imagined.

44. Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques - I haven't read anything from this comic in a LONG time, but when I did, no, it's good enough for this.

46. Shi Long Pang, The Wandering Shaolin Monk by Ben Costa - Hope it comes back from hiatus soon because I miss this comic.  Oh, and yes it belongs here.

And the ones I've heard of but not read?

3. Broodhollow by Kris Straub - After Starslip and Chainsawsuit, this is Straubs other comic.  I should probably read it some time.

4. Oglaf by Trudy Cooper (NSFW) - Heard it's good, but also features lots of sex.

7. Bad Machinery by John Allison - When Scary Go Round ended, I did intend to get to this comic.  Never did.

32. Namesake by Megan Lavey-Heaton and Isabelle Melançon - Seen ads, I think I read a review once, haven't gotten to it.

34. Something Positive by RK Milholland - Many of the older comics I've read have done crossovers, never read it myself.

47. Cucumber Quest by Gigi DG - Pretty much only what little I've seen on the Talking Time forums.

50. MS Paint Adventures by Andrew Hussie - El Santo over at Webcomic Overlook did a multipart review of it, which I didn't read because. . .  Yeah, I've got nothing.

I like that though, because it means there's always more out there.  ALWAYS.

Next week, something special.  Until next time kiddies.

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