Friday, April 11, 2014

The Culling

More site maintenance this week

You see, with last week's entry to the Wild Webcomic Review, I'm over 100 comics on my read list.  Well, maybe.  The status category of the New List hasn't been updated properly, so I need to sort that first then get things straightened out on the official read list, because if it's still over 100, that cannot be allowed to stand.

First, though, I need to clear up my Hiatus folder.

Does Not Play Well With Others now has all of Poe's focus, so it's going into the read list, weekly for now, might move it later.

Templar, Arizona updated a bit, back in December and February.  I'll move it to Monthly rather than outright Hiatus for now.

The Meek and The Pain will stay in Haitus status.  The Meek because, I'm sure when and if the artist gets time, he'll draw it again and The Pain because, well, it did update reasonably recently apparently.

Edible Dirt and Gypsy!, however, are going directly to the Dead file.  They're gone.

Okay, that's done.

Serenity Rose, aka Heart Shaped Skull is being moved to the Complete category, it's finished for now.  I'll try to keep tabs on it in the future.

Shi Long Pang is going to Hiatus until it starts up again.  Alex Ze Pirate has also been moved to Hiatus, because it hasn't done anything since announcing it would be updating more.  Since Poe has changed his focus for a bit, Errant Story, though complete, will be listed in the Hiatus folder on the side.  It's more so I remember to check it than anything else.

Makeshift Miracle is moving to Non-Read because I just can't get back into it for some reason.

Haru-Sari is being moved to the Dead folder because it looks like it's done for.  Shame.

Several random comics were listed as Read, even though I didn't read them.  I won't go through all of them, but I needed to do something about it.  I've also added missing Retrospective links for Exploitation Now! and Life of Riley, I kind of forgot them.  Whoops.

Okay, after all that, I'm down to 90 comics, plus 4 Hiatus comics.  That's good.  If it goes over 100 though, not counting newspaper strips, I'll have to cull.  I'm not sure the form it'll take at this time, but it will be a big deal when I start trimming comics because of time.  I don't look forward to it, I assure you.

Until next week kiddies when I'll be doing, um, something.  I hope.

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