Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Year In Review Type Thing

Well it's the end of the year.  And what a year.

I do want to apologize for the many Nothing posts I've had this year.  11 over the course of the year (not counting a day I skipped Dreams of Stars).  I only have 37 for the entire run of the blog, so that feels like a lot more than it should have been.  But I've also been working, a lot, and making money again.  Good for my self esteem at the very least (and my bank account).  I still have the job, so I will likely miss more updates, but I'll make every effort to avoid it.

Despite this, I managed 4 batches of Reviews, adding 20 comics to the list.  Not bad as my highest was back in 2010 with 5 batches.  I do intend to keep adding more, I certainly have enough in the Future Read and Email Suggestion bookmark folders to do so for a long time to come.

I also posted some of my own work, and then promptly slacked off on it.  Yeah, I kept meaning to get back to posting My Stuff, but time to myself was in short supply.  When I did have free time, I played Star Trek Online, though there have been issues there.

I did complete another big series, Best Overall, which went NOTHING like I thought it would.  I expected it to be a kind of clone of The Standard, but instead of being about Sluggy Freelance, it would be about Schlock Mercenary.  Couldn't quite do that.  I also expected to be able to write the whole thing in a couple of days and have a month or so free.  That didn't work out either.  In fact, I was writing much of it long after I had re-read the various bits.  Came out alright, I think, but was still not as good as I wanted.

That said, there was a lot I did want to do, and didn't get to, including a Newspaper Comic review that I should have had done at the beginning of the year.  I blame much of it on the fact that I would have good ideas, at 3 am, while driving to work for 40 minutes.  By the time I got home, 10 hours later, it would all be forgotten, or I'd be too tired to write.  I'm working on a way to avoid that this year, but I make no promises.

Those plans should come to fruition starting next week.  I'm going to start the new year with a new tradition.  Last year I did my Can't Live Without series, but I'm keeping that once every two years, my tastes change at about that rate so it's worth the time.  Instead, I'll be bringing back the Wild Webcomic Quasi-Awards every other year.  There will be some minor changes, but I'll go through that next week.

After that, a Retrospective on Gunshow, whose last strip should be up by the time you read this.  Then, well, I'll leave that a secret for now.  Do know there will be more reviews, and I hope to get started on the next batch, um, today if I can.  There's a comic I've wanted to read and damn near did it last week, but the theme of it didn't quite match what I was looking for (and I nearly forgot about Bloodstain entirely, whoops).  Slight reminder to those submitting email requests:  Yes, I do check it, but if I don't reply it's mostly because I don't check it that often.  Also, I tend not to review comics that have paywalls in them because I want to share them with others, others who probably don't have money.  If it's obvious, no big loss, if it's hidden away, I get annoyed.  The comic has to be very special (Serenity Rose was partially paywalled for a while) to get around this rule.

In any case, I'm still here, still posting and will do so for as long as I'm able.  Until next time kiddies, and happy new year.

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