Friday, January 9, 2015

Return of the Quasi Awards

So once again I'm going to try my own version of a webcomic award.  Of course, since I'm the only one doing this, it shall be a Quasi-Award.  I will tap comics I have covered in this blog so don't expect any comics coming out of no where.  That said, there will be some changes to the awards this time around.  The core rules, however do not change:

1.) Comic can not have previously won in the given category.  Comics also cannot win more than one award per award event.

2.) Comic nomination must be for the award year period. Things like "best new comic" have to be within a very specific time frame, other comics can cover longer periods.

3.) Comic must be active for the length of the award year period, meaning the comic updated regularly over that time frame. Only exception might be a "completed comic" award, or "short comic" award.

4.) Comic must qualify for the given category. A color comic cannot be entered in the black and white category, for example.

5.) If a comic wins "Best Overall" it can't be nominated for another category ever again.  Unless it's a special "legacy" category.

With that out of the way, let's get to the changes.  First and foremost, I'm scrapping the Non-Traditonal Art category from last time.  No, I'm not doing it because I don't like the cateogry, I LOVE it, but I don't read any comics that fit it.  Hell, last time's winner, Lizzy, is dead and GONE in the form that won it the award.  Three of the others are dead/complete and the fourth I don't read.  If I pick some up in the next couple of years, I'll re-add the category, but until then, it'll be gone.

All is not lost however.  I've decided to add a category that I mentioned in those rules above, a Completed Comic category.  This will be for comics that have naturally completed their runs.  As long as an "end" is provided to the comic/story, then the comic will qualify, but if it's like Shadowgirls and just stopped, it won't.  This does mean that comics that qualify for Completed Comic will not be eligible for some of the other awards, specifically the story format (Shortform, Longform, Gag), but can qualify for art and character categories.

I'm also reducing the number of nominations from five to three.  As I have been thinking on how to expand the awards to multiple judges, three pre-nominations per judge, which is then whittled down to 5 actual nominations has become very appealing, and since I'm the lone judge, 3 is plenty.  It also means I have to make hard choices just for nominations.

Other than that, expect much the same as the last time.  Next week, the nominations for the 2015 Wild Webcomic Quasi-Awards!  Until then kiddies.

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