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Wild Webcomic Review, 31 - 35

After last week's batch, time for something a bit more upbeat.

August 1, 2003

31. Schlock Mercenary - When I first decided to write reviews, I asked for suggestions, and I've gotten Schlock more times than I can count, but I've avoided it until now. Why, you may ask? You see, when I was originally going to do Schlock, I had just finished Sluggy and GPF. Going one strip at a time (I didn't know what the W meant on Sluggy's calendar until after the fact, and GPF didn't have one at the time). So when I clicked on the W for Schlock, I had a heart attack with the god damn Keenspot Premium bullshit. So I put it on the burner. Then I read Earthbeta and with most of my soul still hanging from the rafters, I dove in for 1200 clicks worth of strips.

And I wish I had done it sooner. Schlock Mercenary is as funny as people say, probably funnier. Despite the war I fought with my modem to read it, I managed to find one of the funniest strips there is, short of 8-Bit of course. Read it, love it.

October 11, 2006 - Still going strong. If 8-Bit is the most consistently funny comic, Schlock is a close second. The fact that it updates every day, no matter what, makes it the king of updates.

TODAY - No other comic on the internet updates as consistantly as Schlock.  It is better written than most comics.  It's funnier than a vast swath of them.  The art's pretty good too.  Considering all the factors that make a webcomic, Schlock is probably the absolute best you will ever find.  If you aren't reading it and enjoying it yet, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

32. Jeremy - If there was ever a shrine for comics that shouldn't have died, Jeremy would be amongst the first nominees for the post. Not that he was exactly alive to begin with. This strip had a kind of sweet, horrible innocence that I can't recall seeing anywhere else. A kid made out of criminal body parts just trying to live. And keep the cat in the damn box. And make his own mommy. And hide from angry mobs. And fall in love. And. . . Just go read it already.

October 11, 2006 - It lived again! Then died again. It never stopped being a great comic, it just stopped existing. The world is a more terrible place for it.

TODAY - It took a bit, but I finally refound this treasure and now you can go read it yourself.  Go.  NOW!

33. 9th Elsewhere - This is what Megatokyo would have been like if it had been created by girls. And had an interesting storyline. It's got some good moments (look for the one with the coco packets), but there's also a lot of those 'anime moments' (you know what I'm talking about) that act as a slight turn off. Still, there's something interesting there that has me waiting to see how it's going to go. If you can stand the intense cuteness of some of the scenes, you might actually enjoy it.

October 11, 2006 - It's gotten a little more angsty for the same reason Megatokyo collapsed (lost one of the writers), but at the same time, it's still better than Megatokyo in every single way. The update schedule has gotten a little mucked up due to real life and such, but it's still worth the read.

Missing Reviews

These reviews I actually lost and have no idea what they originally were, as such, I'll try to recreate them. Thus the date for these is October 11, 2006.

34. Too Late to Run! - Strange group of roommates experience weird things. It was certainly more humorous than most comics of this nature, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Didn't take itself too seriously. The comic is dead and gone. You might find some hints of it via Google, but the actual archives have disappeared. Kind of a shame, it was interesting in a silly way.

TODAY - I did manage to refind this comic, on an old mirror site.  It is very, VERY dead, but what little is there is fun.  Might be worth the time.

35. The Front - Some comics take a long time to develop, I understand that, but the Front just took FOREVER to get anywhere at all. In the time that I read it, it updated about once a week at a pace that made my cry out in pain. I suppose it would be alright otherwise, and they may have even sped things up since I read it, but I just didn't have the patience to keep reading.

October 11, 2008 - Man, the difference a few years make. As in, I have a couple dozen comics that update maybe once a week now, and I couldn't stand how slow The Front took way back then. It's completed now, as a six issue comic set, and now I can read it at my own pace and I can say exactly one thing about it: I'm glad I didn't waste my time on it before. The problems I have with this comic are numerous: The "main" characters aren't interesting or developed in the least, the one relationship I though would do something is mentioned maybe twice after the first time, then entirely forgotten about, the background is laid all out in an uninteresting way (I kind of get why they did it that way, but I still didn't much care for it), and said background story was actually kind of stupid. As always, the villians were more interesting, and in this case actually kind of compentent, but the humor fell completely through and then disappeared completely at one point. I suppose it would be good as a comic, comic (which is what they did with it I think), but as a webcomic, where you could build stories and personalities over years if need be, it failed misserably. I wasted my energy on this one, and I'm glad I ditched it way back then, even it was for a rather silly reason.

TODAY - Yeah, no point saying much after that re-review of this comic.  All that needs to be said is there.

Schlock and Jeremy make up for all the issues in last week's batch, but of all of these, only Schlock still updates.  Until next week kiddies.

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