Friday, September 10, 2010

Wild Webcomic Review 116 - 120

Another batch of old reviews for you to read.  Which means I have no new ideas for articles.  Heh.

January 22, 2007
116. No 4th Wall to Break - And we end this session with a dead comic. If you hadn't noticed, I do review those, and this is one that probably shouldn't have died. It's not as bad as Jeremy in that respect (died, again, so young), but still sad to see it go. Oh, and it's the third stick figure comic. Not as obscure in it's humor as Cynide and Happiness, and actually a little higher on the art scale (it even has *gasp* characters!). It's almost not a stick figure comic at all. And there's no 4th wall either, they are all very aware of the fact they're in a comic, and they don't care. Enjoyable at the very least.

TODAY -  Gone, this time thanks to a computer glitch.  Better than just being forgotten or something.

February 12, 2007
117. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - It wants to be the next PLiF. It wants to be it DESPERATELY. And it actually comes pretty damn close. A lot closer than Edible Dirt, that's for damn sure. It doesn't quite get there though. Yeah, it's that funny, weird humor we've all come to expect from these kinds of comics, but it just never seems to go far enough. And you get to see the back of many, many people's heads.

TODAY -  And you still see a lot of back of people's heads, but the strip has changed up the formula a bit and now does a lot more stuff.  It's better than when I initially reviewed it and I still read it.

118. No Rest for the Wicked - A lot of comics try to play up some fairy tale element in them at some point. Few do it from day one and only this one does it in half as much detail. I can tell the artist loves fairy tales and is very well read about them. It makes the comic a wonderful treat if you know the stories behind them, and it all seems to, well, work. The updates seem a bit sporatic, but I'm willing to wait if it can maintain this quality.

TODAY - Hasn't updated since October of last year.  Yes, the comic has really lengthy gaps between updates, but this one is huge.  I somehow doubt it will be coming back, but I'll check it through October, then it goes in the dead bin.

119. Kawaii Not - It's formulatic, silly, cute, and insults Japophiles everywhere. I like it. It's not anything fancy, don't expect that, and some of the jokes fall flat, but for a quick diversion, it does the job well. Not much else to say about it.

TODAY - Still doesn't stray from the formula, and I still read it for the simple humor.  Again, not much esle to say.

120.  Edwitch - There's a witch, living in a house on the edge of a cliff overlooking a city. Sounds like a weird fairy tale story setup, yes? It's not. It's more down to Earth than that. Really, it seems to be more about the main character working against her own nature. Its kind of interesting that way, and it's odd too. Worth watching, for sure.

TODAY - Dead and gone.  It died (and was announced dead) some time ago, but I'm surprised it vanished.  Kind of a bummer, the story was just starting to heat up, but at least the artist was nice enough to tell people the comic had come to an end.  I like that.

Well, that's it for this week.  You know, I keep thinking there's something special about next week, but I can't put my finger on it.  Oh well, I'll remember eventually, until next time kiddies.

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