Friday, November 1, 2013

Going Critical: Exposing myself

One last thing, and this one is about me.  I mentioned early that I have a story.  The reason for this entire article series (aside from being in Texas) was because I was sitting down and working on the story again, finishing the editing and finishing it up.  Is it done?

Kind of.  See, I need some honest criticisms of it, and that's hard to get.  I've got some, which did improve the piece quite a bit, but not enough.

So this brief article is setting up what I'll be doing for the next, um, well it's going to be a while.  I'll be posting it, here, on the blog.  I know, it's not a webcomic, but the only other place I can post it is deviantart, and I really don't trust criticisms out of there.  It'll be a midweek post, Wednesday, while Friday will still be my more normal fair.

I'll be including questions that I have about my work that I'm unsure on some answers.  A few will be general questions about the story, and posted over and over again.  It may seem repetitive, but the story is meant to show an evolution of characters, so from one section of the story to the next, the answer can change quite a bit.  And there's some more specific stuff as well (I have an issue with settings).

So next week, the first section of the story will be up.  It's 105 word pages long, and each section is about 2 pages long.  Could take about a year to finish up.

I'm still nervous, of course.  This story has seen the wild once before, but it's still something I've been working on for a LONG time.  I'm almost over protective of it.  Do NOT be gentle, of course, I want an honest response.  No matter if you like the story or not, say why.  Be as clear as you can.

Also, grammar issues aren't that important to me, unless they cloud the meaning of a line.  If it's not clear, please point it out.  Misspellings, incorrect word usage, fragments and run-ons, while things that should be corrected, aren't high on my priorities list.  Story and character come first.

Next week, I again don't talk about webcomics.  Yeah, strange pattern isn't it?

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