Friday, February 28, 2014

Lost Comics

During the fall of last year I went through and updated my list of comics to be more friendly and such.  In the process I discovered quite a few of the comics, basically 1 in 10, are gone.  Comics like Firstborn and Underpower vanished from the internet and likely will never return.

Which doesn't mean I can't still look for them.  Lizzy, for example, is gone in it's natural, flash format, but there's still a deviantart page that houses most of the plain image strips.  It really loses something, but it's still at least readable.  But a lot of comics are gone, probably for good.  Firstborn is a great example as it was already really, REALLY hard to get to (buried behind a number of half broken links), and even now, I doubt I'll find it again.

Doesn't mean I can't look.  The real issue is most of these comics were already on shaky ground with updates.  Resident Dysentery updated rather sporadicly when it was updating, and the artist did at least try to keep some of the strips up on deviantart, so there's that.

Actually, that's one of the nice things about many of these artists, they were smart enough to keep a mirror up somewhere.  Too Late to Run is still readable because they had a Keenspace (now Comic Genesis) mirror site.  Otherwise it would be lost forever.  Between Comic Genesis and deviantart, at least some hint of these comics can still exist.  Not that it always works.  Flatwood has a Comic Genesis mirror, but if you to the main Comic Genesis page, it redirects you to a domain for sale sign.

Google, thankfully, can help, as can the old Wayback Machine.  But it doesn't always work.  I'm just as likely to find broken or references to things that don't exist.  Hunting for some comics often found me cycling back to the old link that was broken in the first place.

Then there's Ordinary Day.  Sometime ago, Geocities, one of the original free webhosting sites, was shut down, and guess where Ordinary Day was?  I made an active effort to recover the entire comic, ever page, every image I could.  I can still READ the comic, but you, my fellow readers, cannot.  Not missing all that much, BTW, but I felt I should do it.

So how many comics are missing?  25 right now.  Probably more if I actually flip through the list again (maybe this fall, it's depressing enough to do).  As of now, these comics are lost, at least for now.  I don't include links because, well, that would be kind of useless wouldn't it?  In any case, here's to hoping they can be found at some point in the future.

Ordinary Day
Under Power
9th Elsewhere
I Am a Rocket Builder
This is Gravity
The Pretentious History of Everything
Gin and the Devil
One Liners
Zombie Commandos from Hell
This Comic Sucks
Edge the Devilhunter
The World Explodes
A Divine Dramedy
Hockey Zombie
Truck Bearing Kibble
The Best Band in the Universe
Back on Earth
Marsh Rocket
Anhedonia Blue

Side note:  Some of these comics, like Marsh Rocket, Roza and Jeremy are gone from the interent, but are still available in at least print form.  I miss them anyway.

Until next time kiddies.

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