Friday, February 21, 2014

Touching Base #16

Yeah, I know.  After a week of nothing a touching base instead of something serious?  Well, my life schedule has been in disarray for the last few weeks because my work schedule is stupid weird (and early) so we'll go with this.  And hey, things have happened, so that's important.

Not a lot of bad news, actually.  So I'll skip it aside from being too lazy to move Edible Dirt to dead where it belongs.  Instead, I'll focus on just general news and storyline updates.

Heart Shaped Skull, aka Serenity Rose ran into a snag with it's Kickstarter publication project.  Mostly the publication part.  Seems a misunderstanding of the publication terms resulted in the book not being out until at least May.  That sounds reasonable, until he made clear he was hoping it would be out in January.  Considering this is Feburary, you can tell how well that went.

Dr. McNinja started its new storyline, which does NOT involve King Radical for a change.  I suspect many are glad to be rid of him for a bit.  In the meantime, vampire gorillas, and it's a flashback episode, probably resulting in the origins of Judy, McNinja's gorilla assistant.  I love this comic sometimes.

Sandra and Woo have been on a rather long tangent story about a raccoon that isn't Woo and, honestly, I really don't care.  Sometimes a story line just doesn't grab me and this is one of them.  Just have to wait it out I guess.

Skullkickers has been doing a neat thing with the dwarf (whose name I STILL don't think has been mentioned).  He's dead.  And at the bottom of every page of this current chapter you see him, floating, dead, in the water.  It amuses me in a strange way.  That said, I'm sure he'll be back, just the nature of the beast that is Skullkickers.

David Willis, author of Dumbing of Age, Shortpacked and 30 some other comics has added a porn comic to his list of credits.  It's over on Slipshine (which I won't link because it IS porn) if you want to pay to see Walky have sex.  Um, I don't, thanks.

Remember how Errant Story seemed to be having re-editing issues?  Yeah, it's a bit bigger than of an issue than we first thought.  Editing Errant Story was only part of the problem, the other included house renovations and reworking Exploitation Now!  That one threw me, so I'm not sure what to make of it.  From the looks, it's either a new version of the old comic or an outright sequel.  Wow, no wonder they're having issues keeping up, that's a lot on their plate.  For the time being, the re-publishing of Errant Story is on hold while they refocus efforts on the now slowly updating Does Not Play Well With Others, so that will be moving to the Weekly folder at some point I imagine.

Elsie Hooper's promised weekly update schedule is not so far.  It's moving faster than Alex Ze Pirate, there are actual comic pages for Elsie, but weekly?  Not so much.  Still, better than nothing.

Sunstone (NSFW) has it's future well planned.  22 chapters, planned to be printed in a series of books.  And when the whole thing is done, it will be released, FOR FREE, in pdf format for all to have.  Go ahead and read the journal entry.  Still sketchy on how long it'll actually last, but damn is kind of nice gesture on his part.  Still wish he'd get an actual website instead of relying on deviantart, but we can't have it all, I guess.

Zebra Girl has restarted with a flourish and I'm damn impressed so far.  The comic was always one of my favorites and it seems to have gained a new thirst for life recently.  I'm glad it's kicked into high gear again.

Earlier this week, Schlock Mercenary achieved a great milestone:  5000 comic updates, without missing a single one.  It's a hell of an achievement and one of the major reasons I still view it as the best overall comic on the internet today.

Wapsi Square's artist had to stall updating this past week due to his son going into surgery.  Sounds good so far, and I wish them both the best.

Speaking of Wapsi Square, it, On the Edge and Book of Biff have joined Does Not Play Well With Others in starting Patreon campaigns.  I'm not sure if that's a good thing though as Biff has slowed from a daily to a weekly (though he does run a couple other comics too apparently) and Wapsi has been just as sporadic (and remains as confusing as ever).  Still, it's an option for them to grow.

Kawaii Not has had it's website completely revamped.  It looks, um, modern I guess.  It's not bad, not sure what to think of it though.

The only other major story thing is Sluggy Freelance which continues to keep me reading, digging up more past references, tying up loose ends and generally being quite awesome for a comic that at one point was dead in the water.  I'm so glad it found a new breath of life, it reminds me why I read all these comics.

Well, that's enough for now.  Next week, um, something.  Might actually talk about my story, or a brainstorming or something.  We'll see, depends on how overworked I get.  Until then kiddies.

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