Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dreams of Stars Part 32

      She hadn’t noticed the girl there before. Suddenly, though, with two words, L’lorne saw Deborah again, standing behind a block made of tiles, staring at her first in fit of anger, then in utter fear. In one swipe, she could cut that head from that body.

      “The plan.” A small voice, tiny, but hers, responded to the thought. “We need her for the plan.”

      As that voice spoke, L’lorne remembered the plan. She had known for some time that she would go wild if she let the block in her own mind dissipate. There was too much anger and sorrow leaking out from behind it for her to conclude she would do anything else. She would charge, she would attack, and she would do so without regard to any person, place, thing or promise she had or would have ever made.

      “She’s part of the plan,” the small voice was larger now, stronger, forcing the furious version of L’lorne to give up its control. “If we don’t follow the plan, we’ll never kill him.”

      That was the one thing the clam voice and the angry reality could agree on: Ritch ‘arrd had to die. He had killed their son, snapped his neck literally minutes after his birth. She nearly exploded then, if it hadn’t been for Delphi and Quinn, she probably would have ripped the universe apart right then and there, and in the process destroyed her teacher, her lover, the murderer of her son and probably herself, all in one single strike.

      Delphi had prevented it, to protect itself more than anything else, and Quinn had subdued her, dropping the initial block in her mind that allowed reason to take back over. By then, Ritch ‘arrd was gone, vanished into near infinite depths of the universe. Her quest began then, to find him and the reason she had to kill him. Now both were here, and she was still angry beyond all reason.

      Two words, though, pulled her back. Rational L’lorne was now reminding her of the plan, the details, the reason she had insisted on bringing Deborah here. She had set her up with the tools to be the perfect pawn, the will to help, and the knowledge to prevent Ritch ‘arrd from turning her to his side. The bump that was Patricia Ignigus’ death, and the fact that he had know L’lorne had let her die, was a minor inconvenience. She could still win this. . .

      The glow in her eyes dimmed away as she closed them. The heat and pressure emanating from her body relaxed as she pulled the power back into herself. However much she hated him, Ritch ‘arrd was right, she would never beat him without control. Quinn had said the same thing, and they worked to focus that control. The axe was his weapon, and he had taught her how to use it most effectively, and how to use it to focus her wild, angry power into a single point. With this, she could win. . .

      What would she win?

      Her eyes opened again, and she looked at Deborah. The girl’s fear was genuine, and very much justified. Those emotions she had felt not so long ago made sense now. She had been treating this girl as a surrogate child, replacing the one she had lost. Even now, she knew she would never harm her, nor would she let harm come to her. L’lorne would not lose another child.

      “The plan!” The voice, once so strong, suddenly took a blow and weakened. “No, the plan!” It faded away with that and vanished into the mists of her mind. Deborah had completed the first part of the plan, but the rest no longer applied.

      “Ah, good, I’m glad to see you’re under control again,” Ritch ‘arrd said, clapping silently. “Now we can begin this properly.”

      L’lorne glared at him, let a bit of the anger surface again, but kept it in check. He would be punished, but not the way she had planned. She swung back to Deborah. “Deborah!” The girl hadn’t taken her eyes off of L’lorne since she shouted, but still jolted when her name was called. “Get out of here, leave and go as far away as you can.”

      “What?” Both Ritch ‘arrd and Deborah responded simultaneously. She knew Deborah’s response was a confirmation, but his was one of utter disbelief.

      “I said GO!” Deborah looked ready to protest again, but L’lorne would have none of it. With a single push of her mind, she lifted the girl up into the air, arms and legs dangling out of her brown coat, and flung her at the door. Deborah grunted a protest, but the door flung open, the girl flew out and the door shut again before any coherent response could be generated. That done, L’lorne turned back to Ritch ‘arrd.

      He was staring at the door as it finished latching closed. “Interesting move,” he said, his eyes indicating that he was still trying to process the purpose. “I’m not sure why. . .”

      “No more games,” L’lorne interrupted him.

      “Lakinde. . .”

      “We’ve always played games,” L’lorne continued, moving the axe into a more proper attack position. “This is no longer a game.”

      Ritch ‘arrd watched her and moved into a defensive stance. “You can’t be serious about this. If you do this, whatever promise you made to that girl will be broken.”

      L’lorne smiled. “Only by you, and she knew that was possible from the beginning.”

      “This is foolish,” Ritch ‘arrd was getting angrier with every moment that passed. “You still won’t win, Lakinde and I will have to kill you if you insist upon this course of action.”

      “Shut up,” L’lorne lifted the axe up and braced herself. “And don’t call me by that name again!” There was flicker and she vanished. Ritch ‘arrd quickly followed and a crack of thunder ripped through the natatorium.



1. What kind of person is Lcorn L'lorne? What does she look like (in your mind)?
2. What kind of person is the Deborah Ignigus? What does she look like (in your mind)?
3. What kind of person is The Ritch 'arrd? What does his human form look like (in your mind)?
4. Does the setting seem fitting? Would you like to know more?
5. Any idea what L'lorne's original plan might have been?

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