Friday, June 27, 2014

Touching Base #17

Ah, Touching Base.  Lots of little things to cover, and lots of odd things, but no comics outright dumped, but there are is one. . .

The Book of Biff stopped updating back in February.  I don't know why, especially as the artist's two other comics (yeah, he has 3 comics) are updating just fine.  Kind of annoyed because I like Biff and it was one of my more reliable comics.  I haven't given up on it yet, but I'm damn close.

Speaking of reliability in comics, Station V3 has NOT been.  Unlike Biff, it is updating, but the update schedule, which used to be daily, is now all wonky.  Its like there are still daily comics, but they get posted one at a time, a week apart.  Not sure if this is an uploader issue or the artist isn't doing anything (his other comics are dead dead in comparison).  There's no feedback on what's going on, so I'm at a loss.

The Fifth Circle has an odd way of updating too, in bulk.  I figured it was daily, given the nature of the comic, even if it was like a year behind (being in Africa makes that understandable), but no, he does a bulk update, like a month or two in one shot.  I might move it to the Monthly list, just so I don't have to spend a good while going back every page, then reading from there forward.  A lot of this is due to the lack of a normal updater and archive system most comics would have.  Still entertaining, but annoying.

Wapsi Square went on haitus earlier and it should be ending, um, June 23.  As in this past Monday.  Yeah, I know, I didn't have the oppertunity to mention it.  There have been a few guest strips in the meantime, but it SHOULD be back by the time you read this.  We'll see.

My issues with The Demon Archives seems to have cleared up, meaning I can read it without opening a whole new browser.  I don't know why it was broken in the first place, but so was Mutts for a while and both came back at the same time.  I'm glad of it because I enjoy both comics.

Sinfest has picked up a new site design.  It looks pretty good.  The comic itself seems to have backed off, a bit, of the Sisterhood stuff (they didn't go away, just not as prominent), but only time will tell on that end.

Magick Chicks had picked up a newish artist.  This one filled in a bit early on and is now taken over full time.  Doesn't really look that different, but with the big showdown here, probably a good thing it's consistent.

So I guess Vampire Cheerleaders has been traveling through time or something.  I'm still not sure what they've been doing, but it's not bad, but not exactly good either.  I liked the comic before the Paranormal Mystery Squad stuff got crossed into it, now not as much.  This is less touching base and more me debating whether to keep read it.

Little Guardians is back to regular(ish) updates.  I guess they did a lot of moving, which is why the comic sort of stopped for a while.  Now they're in the middle of a side/guest strip thing, but I think it'll settle back to normal updates soon enough.

Strong Female Protagonist and Girls with Slingshots both had very successful kickstarters, so that's great for them.  I think they have books in the works, so that's always good.  That said, I don't follow a lot of kickstarter stuff because I'm lazy about it.

Dead Winter is apparently working on a game, I think.  I love the idea and hope to play it soon.

Finally the Non-Adventures of Wonderella is on hiatus while the artist works on, surprise, another book.  I like that he keeps us informed of this stuff (unlike some comics *cough*Biff*cough*Station V3*cough), and look forward to the comic's return.

Beyond that a LOT of comics have started Patreon campaigns.  No I won't list them today, but probably next week.  That said, this past week I've been on vacation, so if I have a nothing, it's because I got lost in Hershey Park.  Or sick on chocolate.  Perhaps both!

Until next week kiddies.

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