Wednesday, September 30, 2009

300 Wild Webcomic Review

"You're seriously using that tired old meme?  This is madness."

"No, this is


And luckily, you don't have to die for it."

Yes, here I am with another 5 (see, no 7 this time) webcomic reviews.  I probably should do 6 next time, just so I can end on a 5 or 0, but eh.  Anyway, here we go:

180.  Worst of the Time Lords - Yeah, those Time Lords.  It's one part parody, one part primer, and one part homage to the entire Doctor Who franchise, though most of the focus is on the most recent series.  So that means if you haven't seen it yet (and if you're a fan, why wouldn't you?) then you probably should avoid it for all the spoilers contained therein.  If you have seen it, or have no intention of doing so, then by all means, go for it.  It's only 260 strips long (they ended it after a year) so it's a relatively quick read.  Nothing wrong with that, it's still fun, especially if you are a fan.  So go on already.

181.  Return to Green Hollow - This is a short, fairy tale comic.  Short as in it's done, fairy tale as in, well, some kind of fairy tale.  My only complaint is that when I reached the end (which was a natural end, BTW), I was pissed that it didn't keep going.  Still, I understand WHY it stopped, I just kind of which it hadn't.  Still, for a short comic, it's very well drawn, the story is compelling and I was interested enough to want it to keep going, so it has all that.  Short, sweet, and worth the small amount of effort needed to go through it.

182.  Conny Van Ehlsing, Monster Hunter - A while ago, I did a review for a comic called Kristy Vs the Zombie Army which was a fun comic with a great name.  Well, that's been on hiatus since last year (meaning it's probably dead), so Conny here has stepped up to the plate.  I think it's more interesting than Kristy, but Kristy was more fun, which honestly hurts neither comic.  The art doesn't feel as "clean" as other comics, but it fits the tone of the strip much more than it would probably in others.  The story is a little girl challenging the monsters no one else can see (or wants to see).  I enjoyed it, though I'm not sure everyone else will, for one reason or another.  Give it a try at least.

183.  Aptitude Test - This comic started as a 3 chapter novel comic about one of those aptitude tests that they sometimes give in school (I never actually took one, probably would have said "internet dork" if I had) and the things that happened afterwards.  Then it kept on going.  The initial comic is actually very good, well thought out and writen, probably an ideal one shot comic.  And it really doesn't quite let up despite continuing beyond the original finish point.  Yes, there are more characters and new stories have to be generated with them, but I think it's quite fitting and doesn't break the original characters at all, which is something that could have happened.  Fun and worth the time.

184.  Girl Genius - Girl Genius has been in my Future Reads folder for a long, long time.  Why did it take so long to get to?  Lenght.  The comic is HUGE, and if you hadn't noticed, the other 4 in just this review set probably doesn't have more than 500 strips between them.  Girl Genius has strips from as far back as 2002, 3 times a week, meaning well over 1000 strips, and big ones too.  So it took longer, and it is worth it.  It's manic, funny, and has a epic storyline that practically defines the term.  My only problem is the characters.  Oh, they're fine, it's just there's no concept of "subtle character development" in this comic.  Hell, I don't think there's a subtle moment in the entire comic, it is VERY manic with just about everything it does (of course, it is a world run by mad science, so I suppose that makes sense).  The thing is, you never get any quiet, or low key at least, moments when characters can show that they've changed or grown in some subtle way.  It's not necessary, honestly, and the comic is just fine without it, but I'd love to see a bit of it.  Which is probably impossible because of my other problem with the characters:  There are so damn many.  There's at least 100 or more named characters (or it feels like it at least), all of which play their roles, but keeping track of them is a pain in the ass.  Near the end of the archives, I couldn't remember who one character, that suddenly showed up out of nowhere, actually was, or where he came from.  Once it was explained, I was fine with it (didn't help they implied he was dead), but until then, I was confused.  Still, it's a good, fun read and worth the time it took to read the damn thing.

Well, that's it for this week.  There will probably be a lull in new comic updates for a bit, but in the meantime I will continue to post old updates with my current thoughts.  Until then kiddies.

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