Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome to the Wild Webcomic Review

Hello all you lucky people, welcome to the Wild Webcomic Review.

What makes it so wild?  Nothing at all, it just sounds good with the word 'webcomic.'

Okay, that's not entirely true.  I've been reviewing webcomics on forums for the last six years or so and my method is sharp and to the point:
  1. Read the comic from the very begining of the archieves and nothing else
  2. Tell you what it's about (roughly).
  3. Tell you if I liked it.
  4. Tell you why you might like it, or not.
Okay, yeah, that sounds normal, but I'm not going to fill an entire blog post with the review of one comic.  Instead, just a few sentences on each and usually about five at a time.  About, it'll vary a bit.

So here's the plan:  About the middle of the week I'll tap my archieve of reviews (174 or so comics right now) OR post a new set of webcomic reviews, and on the weekend I'll do something more indepth.

No, no plans on deconstructing individual comics.  I plan to examine the entire webcomic phenomenon and industry using my reviewed comics as examples and such.  Will it be interesting?  No idea.  But hell, I've got to do something.

At the very least I have about 35 weeks worth of reviews (five at a time) to post, so at least you'll have a steady diet of content.  I hope.

So welcome again to the Wild Webcomic Review.  Hope you enjoy the ride.

Hell, I hope I enjoy the ride.

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